Tekken 6 online co-op confirmed for January 18th

From PS3 Attitude, "Tekken 6 will be receiving an update on January 18th allowing the Scenario Campaign mode, which has been only available offline, to be played with a friend online..."

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Sangria3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Is there a way to play the story mode with 2 players offline, btw?
As I'm trying to get some stuff for Hwoarang but half of the stuff I get is for Alisa and she's already quite powerful.

majiesto3204d ago

Currently no, only 1 player with AI controlled partner. After this update though, YES!

NovusTerminus3204d ago

FINALLY! I have been waiting for this update. Bout time!

3204d ago

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3203d ago
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