Irrational Games Making Multiplayer Shooter

Following the announcement that 2K Boston was renaming itself Irrational Games, the rebranded company has begun a recruiting drive. The new job listings give some hint as to the nature of this new project.

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swiftshot933292d ago

Oh, I thought they were handling Spec Ops. I guess I was wrong. Anyways, I cant wait for their game, it will be beyond amazing.

dgroundwater3292d ago

Spec Ops is being developed by a team called Yager.

Whatever it is I hope it's unique. Irrational are a creative bunch; I'd hate to see them make a generic war shooter.

EvilCackle3292d ago

I'm still hoping that it's X-Com. I mean it still could be. It could have the base-building, research, and so forth and then let you take direct control of a squad of troops on missions. That would be killer.

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