Media Creates June 4-10th Japanese hardware numbers

DS Lite: 117,193
Wii: 64,529
PSP: 24,711
PS2: 11,097
PS3: 8,776
360: 2,533
GameBoy Micro: 481
GBA SP: 302
Cube: 167
DS Phat: 35
GBA: 16

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ITR4736d ago

PS3 gains some and then loses it back a few weeks later.
Seems like it tops out at 10k and bottoms out around 8k.

360 can't seem to break the 3k a week barrier.

goonerfied4736d ago

at least the ps3 is selling something.

Odion4736d ago

but it did go up 200 units!

Antan4736d ago

Lets see what sort of impact Sigma has for the next set of figures.

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