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Indie Arcade writes:

"If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then developer Gnomic Studios really enjoyed 2008's Castle Crashers. Don't construe this as an insult though, unless you're ready to throw daggers at your favorite band for being inspired by the Beatles.

When Adam from Gnomic shot me an email describing Square Off as "a 2.5D survival shooter with a graphic style similar to Castle Crashers" it made for a pretty compelling reason to at least give it a spin.

Which I did, for about 3 hours straight."

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Neco5123199d ago

Actually looks pretty fun! Intense battles to ensue I'm sure

CrAppleton3199d ago

2.5D? interesting.. and art style similar to that of the amazing Castle Crashers? VERY interesting!

killyourfm3199d ago

Yea, it's really charming for an indie game, and challenging. The last boss almost made me toss my controller into the wall.

Neco5123199d ago

Awesome review! Thanks for the heads up on this sleeper!

DaRockSays3199d ago

Darocksays buy this game

3199d ago