Capcom Working On Hardcore Project Natal Game Based On Old Franchise

Patrick Klepek of G4TV writes: Outside of tech demonstrations and modifications of several existing Xbox 360 games, we haven't seen what Project Natal is capable of. Microsoft is keeping those games under wraps. But speaking with Capcom's VP of strategic planning and business development Christian Svensson at CES last week, I learned about Capcom's potentially ambitious plans for one Project Natal game.

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Bungie3201d ago

Natal will own the Hardcore and the Casuals with it's innovation and awesomeness

developers agree

can't wait

Fishy Fingers3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

As far as I recall the majority of "hardcore" hated motion controls when the Wii was the only console to offer it. Funny how it changes huh... Brand loyalty over your own opinions? Or just fickle.

Bungie3201d ago

Wii motion control was for casual

natal for both casual and hardcore

on topic maybe capcome remake dead rising ?

mjolliffe3201d ago

Like Microsoft said, 70%-80% of all Worldwide developers are working on Natal based games. It's no surprise that Capcom have entered the market.

iceman29293201d ago

I never liked the Wii "motion control" because of its imprecision. Wii motion plus fixed it a bit but you are still limited in the motions that you do.

IF natal is as amazing of a product as they claim, then its motion control is significantly more important. All it takes is a little bit of imagination to think of posibilities. Even if developpers made a natal mode that allowed you to lean around corners and duck for cover. not everyone would be forced to use it , but it adds that extra sense of interactivitiy. but thats just one idea, im sure there are plenty of designers out there who can take advantage of the freedom natal offers.

(on a related note, the ps3 wand thing is better than the wii motion control, but if it can only track the red ball/controller thing, it still constrains its utility)

randomwiz3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

In my honest opinion, I think its a great product. I think Natal will be a great success for casual games because of how microsoft is going to push it.

But for hardcore, I just can't see it.. but i'm sure they'll figure out a way to pull it off. Its going to be exciting this e3.

3201d ago
darthv723201d ago

Update the maximo (ghost n goblins) franchise with true hack and slash controls.

Or forgotten worlds, mercs, knights of the round, magic sword, UN squadron (yeah baby in first person flying goodness).

Any others you'd like to see???

Blaze9293201d ago

Great to hear that Natal is getting such great developer support. Can't wait. Microsoft must really have something serious planned for Natal. Can't wait to see the launch games.

4Sh0w3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

The wii, has set itself up as a fun console with a target audience made up almost entirely of very casual and non-traditional gamers, that's great, and anybody who calls themselves a gamer but hates the fact that nintendo successfully introduced people who would otherwise NOT game at all to gaming is foolish, especially since we have a wealth of variety of hardcore gaming experiences offered by 360 and ps3. I myself have enjoyed a few gaming sessions here and there with the family, but I would not choose wii for my main gaming console, not because of its uses of motion controls but because it lacks any games hardcore/sophisticated experiences that I love, Svensson(Capcom) seems to understand this which is why alot of people like myself are excited and optimistic about what Natal can bring to the kind of games we love, just listen to him explain it himself:

"We're not looking at Natal as 'okay, here's a little Natal gimmick that we've worked into some existing game."

When I jokingly proposed a spin-off of mini-games set in the Resident Evil universe, he corrected me.

"That's not the plan," said Svensson.

"The approach is we're gonna make a 'gamers game' for Natal using something amongst our brand history," he continued. "I know [Mega Man creator and Capcom head of R&D Keiji] Inafune is really excited about it, he's been very vocal both in Japan and with the media about his vision of what Natal brings. I'm going to have to ask you to wait and see."

Blaster_Master3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Dude, im gonna be totally pissed if Capcom doesn't make another Strider using Sony's PS Gem.

Saaking3201d ago

The lag and the use of the 360 to power Natal will make it all fail imo. Unless it's something really amazing, I'm not even gonna consider purchasing Natal.

Megaton3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I guess that's where all the Kool Aid went...

EyeToy: "Meh"
Wii: "Meh"
SixAxis: "Meh"
PS Eye: "Meh"
PS Wand: "Meh"

IdleLeeSiuLung3201d ago

The wonderful thing about Natal (at least the idea) is that you can have additional input without it impeding on existing ones that already work great.

A great example is the one iceman2929 mentioned above about leaning around corners. I'm sure there are plenty of others, but the fact that Capcom is working on a Natal specific hardcore game from the ground up is very exciting. I'm expecting other developers to follow suit as MS has great third party support.

gaffyh3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

@Xiphos - LOL that is so true. Natal is the next attempt to try and get more casual gamers on to Xbox, and it may work. I can see maybe one hardcore game coming out at launch, but there won't be many.

There will be a fitness game, a sports game, a shooting game, the 3D breakout game and loads of other casual apps.

I will say though that if Capcom ruins Onimusha (if this is Onimusha they are talking about) with Natal, then I will never forgive them. I've been waiting years for a new Onimusha game, and will be sooo pissed if I have to play it with motion controls.

@JOY - Nice use of the word extremist there, that's real mature, and not at all comparing PS3 fanboys to terrorists. /sarcasm

Nice tactic though :).

JokesOnYou3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Saaking User Bio:
"It's no secret I've been an extreme PS3 fanboy for the past months."

-No you've been a extreme PS3 fanboy since you joined this, so I don't know why you even bother to say anything on a 360 thread:

"Unless it's something really amazing, I'm not even gonna consider purchasing Natal."

-nah, really? I'm shocked! I was expecting you to give us some thougt provoking comment about the merits of Natal, hmmm you just never know what to expect on n4g, go figure, lol....Actually truth is you hate micro/Natal publicly, but in private YOU WISH sony was the one who introduced Natal, but even with all your PUBLIC HATE, I'm betting you and many of the other haters will be in line at Natal's midnight launch, brand loyalty aside its clear Natal is just too exciting to pass on. I mean just look at yourself, you and the haters are more interested in following Natal news than I am. I suspect Bill Gates kicked your dog or something the day the 360 launched but you got to let those old grudges go Saaking, my friend or it just might drive you mad...err too late??

-lmfao, g4tv reports Capcom is making a "Hardcore" Natal game and the ps3 extremists swarm like roaches, hating because sony's "wand-thingy" has been no more than a afterthought since E3, only talked about because of what it resembles but lacks any attention for what is supposed to do. lol


moneybuyseverything3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

There is no denying Natal will be like a new console/next-gen console sharing the market with no other competitors. This explains the vicious and belligerent resistance and even the unfounded pessimistic criticism.

Microsoft will not be able to keep the 360 in shops I'm
telling you. It will be the hottest thing at retail this holiday and consumers will be rushing and fighting over Natal and the 360. Every kid on the planet will be begging for a 360 and Natal. People will see Natal as an early next gen Wii.

Most all 360 owners will buy Natal, if the current 360 owners bought the wireless headset or have a vision camera, they will buy Natal just for the new advanced functions over their headset and XBL vision camera at least/alone. We all know everybody will buy games even if they ended up buying Natal just for mic based voice chat or a better quality camera for things like video chat. People must be out of their minds thinking Natal won't be huge.

It's that simple.

fatstarr3201d ago

i agree with fishy shallow and band-wagoners/posers

Microsoft called everything Nintendo innovated and created a gimmick
yet they are doing it.

natal is just a gimmick IMO Microsoft said we cant make a wand so what can we do. lets make them pay to manipulate thin air =O!

if you think u can play mw2 with natal by god throw ur 360 controller in a toilet.

beans3201d ago

He might come off as an extreme fanboy but then again he is no where near as bad as certain people on this site. Although his comment had a fanboy stench to it he kind of made a valid point if where going by what's been seen so far. We all want Natal and Gem to succeed but one thing I think we as gamers should do is not worry about physco fanboys throwing bait. Let's just talk about games and let them hate as simple as that. bubbles to everybody above.

moneybuyseverything3201d ago

There is no point in disagreeing.

rockleex3201d ago

Boy, are you in for a surprise.

I mean, come on. Natal couldn't even track his right hand at the beginning. Not to mention his whole body later on. -_-"

SDF Repellent3201d ago

"Unless it's something really amazing, I'm not even gonna consider purchasing Natal. "

Like you are going to say anything else, otherwise. LOL

You such a hater

N4g_null3201d ago

They better not fuxk up strider. Seriouly how many of these hd gamers even know what strider is? Make a new ip capcom America. Stop killing off japans franchises! I mean damn after bionic commando really?

Lol I would laugh my azz off if it was zaki and wiki lol.

captain-obvious3201d ago

i really would like to see who's all this motion control is going to end up

but bare in mind that if capcom is working on a game on natal
that dose not make it an exclusive
since capcom is a multiplatform developer
most likely it'll be natal/wand/wii

DelbertGrady3201d ago

"Microsoft called everything Nintendo innovated and created a gimmick
yet they are doing it."

You are confusing Microsoft with Sony.

MS have almost always praised Nintendo for their innovative ways.


NickIni3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I actually don't think I could be less excited for Natal or the PS3 wand. Usually I can see why others are excited over something, but this time I really can't. Natal especially looks cool, but fun? No. Not sure about you guys, but I don't particularly want to stand around in my living room waving my arms about like a bellend. And the PS3 wand looks just the same as the Wii.

I already have a wii, and it's sh*t. I'm only keeping it for SMG2/New Zelda. I'm not buying into motion control again for quite a while methinks, though part of my hopes I'll be eating these words by the end of '10, I strongly doubt it.

avengers19783200d ago

70-80% of people developing for them are working on Natal, but developers are still working on games for everything else, and Microsoft is shelling out big money for them to be doing work on the Natal, and BTW flooded with 14 mini type games(that is the games that are being developed for it) Hey now the 360 can finally get all those wii mini games and shovel ware that they have been longing for.

pegger243200d ago

I am interested in links to the games you know are being developed . . . I truly don't think you have any idea what is being developed for natal, and even if you know about "14 minigames" that does not mean it is the only thing. I don't understand the need to take a stand on things that have not come out yet. Why not just wait before you decide you hate something or that it sucks? I don't get it, i sure hope it doesn't suck, anything that makes my gaming more fun I definitely will do, but if it doesn't deliver I probably won't buy it. I sure as hell won't go out of my way to disparage it online months before it comes out though

Smokzdaizm3200d ago

You always amaze me, we get it you hate the 360 or anything related to it..WE GET IT!!!!! I mean shouldn't you be replaying Uncharted or the MAG Beta something, anything on the PS3 right now because no matter whenever I visit this site and go to a 360 thread I can count on you to have something negative to say, but if it Natal was Sony's idea OMG you guys wouldn't be able to control yourself until Ken K. said get a third job because you NEED this... Well I'm about to join my friends on XBL and play some MW2, Forza and definitely some Bayonetta... Good Luck and Good Day!!!

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Serjikal_Strike3201d ago

Its the soulja boy game they've all been waiting for...

rockleex3201d ago

Yes, now you can Crank Dat Soulja Boy without controllers!!! XD

Kalowest3201d ago

What can it be, Capcom does have a good track record.

MetalGearRising3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Who cannot resist making a game for Natal all the game developers in the world are making a game EXCLUSIVELY for xbox360 natal. Come November or even E3 xbox360 will be drowning in exclusives and poor Sony will be left out in the cold.

Serjikal_Strike3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Go buy a you'll be ready and fit to wave your arms and legs like a fool.... ready to drop another $200 bucks for something that isnt gonna work...CRY this Holiday !!!!

Bungie3201d ago

butthurt ?

cry moaaaar

-MD-3201d ago

200 bucks? I'll bet my life that it'll be well under 99$

-MD-3201d ago

Natal will be amazing with all these developers behind it I can't wait.

Doc Sony3201d ago

Murderdolls, a lot of developers got behind the Wii as well.

-MD-3201d ago

This is entirely different though.

thebudgetgamer3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

because of the fanbase? for the record not trying to flame just curious.

edit: god i love selma blair bubble for that avatar.

blackbeld3201d ago

Ohh No! Project Fatal!

This could be pretty funny.

ps360owner093201d ago

1.) Because gamers on the original xbox up until the present day with the 360 have proven that they support third party titles by actually buying the games. Nintendo has struggled since the n64 when it comes to getting people to buy titles not made by nintendo.

2.) Microsoft is known for being more supportive with developers than nintendo. It's been reported that microsoft sent out their own engineers and code to help developers during the early lifespan of the 360 so they could learn how to program for it and solve technical issues.

3.) Microsoft knows how to market not just their games but third party titles as well(look at modern warefare 2 walmart commercial as an example)

Sonyslave33201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

The funny thing we know more about natal then sony dildo which is suppose to be coming out this spring i'm smelling a delay.

Damn he just own sony motion it nothing but a gimmick that all it good for don't expect anything new on ps3 dildo just spin off gimmicks games.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3201d ago

Notice the developers jumping on Natal but for the PS3 pink Dil-A-Thingy they are no where to be seen.

thebudgetgamer3201d ago

that makes sense, thanks for the learning.

avengers19783200d ago

Actually PS3 motion control will be out before the end of the year. But hey you can finally do what sony fans have been doing for years. Get ready for the eyetoy and kinetic again, get ready to flail your arms like a spaz, and get ready to be frustrated as hell when the Natal does not work right.
The Milo thing was not something you'll have, and the Facial Rec. Tech is not there.
Oh, and Natal is going to be expensive, and if it's not then it's going to be junk, you can't have cheap tech like that, that works right.

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Bungie3201d ago

considering droids don't buy their "hardcore games"
i can see them jumping the ship and getting NATAL