GamesRadar: Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces Review

It's a neat twist on the Ace Combat formula – a formula that already forms the core of the best arcadey aerial shooter series ever made. You can put your faith in Project Aces and Namco when it comes to shooting planes full of holes, even, it seems, when shackled to the 10-tonne movie licence anchor. When it comes to planes, Namco can do no wrong: not on PS2, not on PSP, not on 360, and – at last – not on Wii.

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N4g_null3201d ago

Told you this game was going to be good. Should watch the movie also.

AEtherbane3201d ago

Its a good eal for $30, but still, its short with no MP (as far as i know)... i tihnk i might get it just to support a game like this.