Link's silence is golden

The Legend of Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto has said it will never happen. Link will never speak. Despite pleas from fans, and suggestions from Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, the legendary game designer seems firm in his decision. That fan fiction you've secretly been toiling over? Don't even bother. It will just get tossed in the trash with all of the requests for a North American Virtual Console release of Earthbound.

Still though, the topic is of great interest, and elicits many questions. Should the Hylian hero exercise his vocal folds? Would such a drastic change offer a more engrossing and enriching experience? Who would be more apt for the role: former President Jimmy Carter, or Jell-O adman Bill Cosby?

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qface643205d ago

ok im gonna go so far as to say if you actually want link to have a voice then your just not a true zelda fan
why would anyone want him to have a voice at this point? it would be horrible no matter who does the voice

you wanna add voice in the zelda games that's fine but link needs to stay silent
my opinion

Government Cheese3205d ago

Yeah, he has been silent for so long, it would just be bad to change that. Its a part of his personality.

vegnadragon3205d ago

I don't mind if link don't talk, but the other character should. Like the half life series.