Touch Arcade: The Horrible Vikings Review

Similar to the amount of care that went in to updating and enhancing the Missile Defense formula in Low Five Games' other game, Earth Vs Moon, The Horrible Vikings [App Store] is much more than a simple catapult game.

Like other catapult games, the basic premise amounts to aiming and flinging something to fly as far as possible and collide in to other things on the way. In the case of The Horrible Vikings, you control a pair of vikings: One who moves back and forth in the ship as ballast to control the angle of your shot, and by dragging the catapult back with another viking in it you control the power of your shot. While flying you can tilt your phone to control the direction of your flight, swipe down to stomp targets, and later in the game you get access to other abilities to fly farther such as a wizard that zaps you.

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