Halo 3 Mystery Unravelled

This week some of you may have received a cryptic email from Microsoft which includes a somewhat bizarre poem which talks of "history circling back upon us". Although on first glance it appeared to be nothing but gobbledygook it seems a bunch of genius Halo 3 fans over at may have pieced together the clues and come up with an idea as to what it all means.

Clever Bungie fans piece together clues to reveal weird sites and pictures.

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Omega Kaze4776d ago (Edited 4776d ago )

Perhaps some campain footage or something along those lines. Or something to do with the story. Well all we can do is wait...

MK_Red4776d ago

What if they show a revamped footage with graphics 10 times better than beta!? That would be a killer.

the_round_peg4776d ago (Edited 4776d ago )

Microsoft shouldn't be spamming marketing email...

fjtorres4776d ago

...who had signed up at for notices and stuff.
No spam involved.
In fact, a lot of fans were scratching their heads and wondering why they *hadn't* gotten the email.
Its an invitation to play a game.
Anybody who wants to can play, those that don't can go back to watching movies.
Its just a fun thing to stoke fans' interest during the last few months leading to the launch...

DrPirate4776d ago

It's all in good fun. All of this is very exciting.

Odion4776d ago

Ya once again I am getting this feel of this being something special, clues and all that its very cool. Can't wait to see whatelse they have up their sleeve!

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The story is too old to be commented.