Nintendojo: Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight DS Review

Nintendojo writes: "For some of us, back when we were little kids, we really got into Power Rangers. There was little that was cooler. The show had fighting, comedy, drama and that really hot pink ranger. Looking back, it's easy to have a good chuckle at the show: after all, a face in a tube needed "teenagers with attitude," when anyone who has gone through the teenage experience knows that nothing could be more counter-intuitive. But there is still a genuine charm that exists with the show, encouraging one more look up of the theme song on YouTube to get a good laugh every now and then. That said, Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight may be the same type of show for current second graders. But if they wish to retain the fond memories we older gamers have of Power Rangers, then they'll need to steer clear of the DS game Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight."

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