God of War: Betrayal video

Even in shrunk mode, the Ghost of Sparta-slash-God of War is still at furious as ever. In Sony's upcoming mobile video game, we'll be seeing Kratos wielding the Blades of Chaos and the Blade of Artemis. If those weren't enough, Kratos can go at his enemies with his bare hands. In the video, we see maiming, decapitation, and even horn pulling (something we're used to seeing in the bigger incarnations of the title).

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Diselage4730d ago

Looks like a decent mobile game actually, wow.

yocdub4730d ago

if this originally came out for the SNES. Sir Belmont would be pissing in his boots.

cdawson4730d ago

I don't understand, why release this for the PSP where nobody is going to give a crap?
It's not like it is a remake, this is a prequel and an important part of the GOW lore that fans will want to know. Releasing it on the PSP is almost pointless because nobody will play it.

SmokeyMcBear4730d ago

uh.. this is for mobile phones.. you know that right, the psp version is much much better. Why release it on the psp, well to increase psp sales. What, you want it released on the ps2?

THX71684730d ago

God of War: Betrayal is for mobile phones.
God of War: Chains of Olympus (which this story has nothing to do with) is for the PSP.

and yes...many people WILL play GoW on the PSP (my self included).

To: yocdub
I got the same impression that it looked like a SNES game. They should release it as a ROM so that I can play it on Snes9X. lol