Gamespy: Bayonetta (360) Review

Gamespy writes: "In the first five minutes of Bayonetta, the titular (yeah, I know you're snickering) femme fatale -- dressed quite conservatively in an ivory-colored nun's habit -- prays quietly at a rainy graveyard. But within seconds, she shatters that tranquility and violently rips through her outfit at strategically placed zones -- breasts, legs, and ass -- to reveal a skin-tight black leather cat-suit. Before the scene ends, she's shoved her crotch in front of the camera a half-dozen times, indulged foot fetishists by strapping pistols to her high heels, sashayed around a stripper pole (uh, at a graveyard...?), and fellated a bright red lollipop. Oh, and she's bloodily eviscerated a cadre of heaven-descended angels -- but not before lining the seraphim up like a chorus line, bending them over, and spanking them from behind. And all of this while a peppy J-pop version of "Fly Me to the Moon" plays in the background."

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