Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond -ZTGD Review

Zero Tolerance writes: "I was a huge advocate of Eat Lead when it was released last year, and when I reviewed it post-release I felt a little disappointed at the lost opportunity. The idea of Matt Hazard is still one of the freshest concepts for a humorous game in a long time. Thankfully Matt does not end up like his fictional storyline character and we get a second chance to fall in love with this bargain bin hero. Blood Bath and Beyond (which may be the greatest game title ever) has landed on both XBLA and PSN, and delivers the same type of slapstick humor of the original, with a more digestible price."

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3590d ago
AKNAA3590d ago

Man, all I have to say is that PS3 exclusives are really showing how outdated multiplat games look 90% of the time.

DelbertGrady3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

It's a XBLA/PSN game, genius.

AKNAA3587d ago

I'll use flower(thats a psn exclusive game)... even that game puts this to shame, lol!

JeepGamer3590d ago

This game should really be called "A bad version of Metal Slug with different graphics and an unlikable character".

S M N3590d ago

Actully i really like the game, it's alot of fun

ThePostalDudeX3590d ago

It's nice to see someone has they're own opinion, Honestly this site is full of fanboys and retards. I'll play the game and see for myself. Seriously to the two guys above me talking about PS3 exclusives showing how arcade games are "Lookin outdated". Arcade games aren't meant to be graphical masterpieces, Good work moron.

JeepGamer3590d ago

I surely hope you don't mean me because all I said that was that the graphics were different than Metal Slug, I gave no indication of whether or not they were good or bad. My primary point was that the game is a bad Metal Slug knock off.

timestoby3590d ago

played the game and its a great game,although could have had double jump and able to keep or scroll thru weapons. it was kinda choatic aswell even in wussy,especially the bosses. for a tenr,its all good

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