86-Year-Old Bowling Virtuoso Rolls 40 Perfect Wii Games

Jack Davis, 86-year-old resident of the Hearth & Home assisted living community in Vandalia, Ohio, can beat you at video games. Specifically, Davis can be considered a legend at Wii Sports Bowling, a game he can boast 40 perfect games in.

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indiemike4511d ago

I could totally bowl a bunch of perfect games if that's all I did every day.

Fishy Fingers4511d ago

Yeah I'm sure you could, but your not 86 are you. Frankly, if I reach that age, I'll be happy if I know what the hells going on, let alone own on a game.

indiemike4511d ago

Perfectly said. I was joking, of course. I've played Wii Sports a ton, and I've never gotten a single perfect game that I can remember.

IanCube4511d ago

@FishFingers Best comment ever. Hahaha

That is so true, you almost can't just look at these seemingly amazing stats on its face value, you have to consider the fact he is 86-years-old too.

Just imagine if this guy was in his 20's or 30's, bowling prime.

IanCube4511d ago

I remember hearing of some friend's mom's bowing perfect games when it first game out, and I was shocked.

Anyone here get perfect games, and if so, how many?

Bigpappy4511d ago

There you go more proof that moton control is needed. Thses guys in the photo don't play God of War nor Halo. But they sure seem to be gaming and having fun.

aepex4511d ago

I'm pretty sure I haven't gotten even one perfect game.

But that's where this comes in:

MetalGearRising4511d ago

Natal say's high granny grandpa.

cereal_killa4511d ago

STFU Muppet not only are you jealous of the PS3 your jealous of an 86yr old man.. pathetic tool

GamerSciz4511d ago

So this is what you do when you are retired. Good thing because at this rate I won't be able to retire til I am 75+ anyways...

IanCube4511d ago

Certainly is a lot cheaper than paying to bowl 4000+ real rounds.

WiiJunkii4511d ago (Edited 4511d ago )

Sorry, this is supposed to be in response to #2.

Whenever I visit my parents, Pops and I bust out Wii-Sports or Tiger Woods and we're always trying to outdo one another. A few months ago, I was one strike away from a perfect game. So, naturally I wanted to gloat... I paused the game and yelled for my dad to "Come behold my miracle!"

Well, I choked... finished with a damn 299.... garbage.

The moral is, like real bowling, pool, darts, etc; it's all about being in your groove. If you bowl 29 consecutive strikes, you're in your groove. Don't break that groove just to show off...

F'ing 299...

I haven't played Wii-Sports since... that's right, I rage quit Wii-Sports.

Maybe someday I'll try again.

W831SOLIDSNAKE4511d ago

what the hell do grandpas and grandmas playing Wii have to do with "Natal"?

indiemike4511d ago

I think he's talking about motion controls in general.

You're still right, doesn't have much to do with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.