Game Podunk Review: New Super Mario Bros Wii

Heralded as the first 2-D Mario game to hit consoles in decades, and extensively advertised for its unique up-to-four-players-at-once gameplay, New Super Mario Bros Wii has a lot to live up to. If you consider all that came before, most notably the fantastic Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World, Nintendo's latest Mario game certainly has a lot of expectations for older fans especially. But how does this game measure up, either on its own or when compared to the legends of Nintendo's past?

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3593d ago
TheLiztress3592d ago

One of the main reasons I want a Wii is for this game. Looks like a blast!

skygear753591d ago

Sometimes I can't help to wonder, do we really need another Mario game? Then again, it's Nintendo's star mascot, as long as fans exist, Mario will continue to reign in platforming.