Meet The Team Behind Halo: Reach

Bungie's studio in Redmond, Washington is home to a wide variety of gaming industry talent. Some have been around since the first Halo game, while others will feature Reach as the first title on their resume. Creative director Marcus Lehto has been around long enough to remember when it was an RTS game, while executive producer Joseph Tung joined the team after sending the company a screenshot of his Halo 2 beta stats.

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Bungie3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

all respect to Bungie the best developers ever
the creator of the best and biggest franchise in gaming history

awesome vid

MetalGearRising3595d ago

Halo to gamers is like the Holy Grail a game which u gotta play or you'll never be a true gamer but just a outsider looking in.

Halo to gamers is priceless just like Mona Lisa painting is priceless to artists.

Nothing could be said about ps3 games because no game stands out it's just a mish mash of crap games.