How many years does the Xbox 360 have left?

Sony's team has said on numerous occasions that the PlayStation 3 is the only console that will stay relevant for 10 years. And although the PS3 is currently trailing the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, Sony contends that when it's all said and done, the PlayStation 3, thanks to its longevity, will win out during this generation.

But Microsoft has finally made it clear that it, too, believes that its console has the ability to stick it out. Project Natal should help Microsoft increase the lifespan of the Xbox 360. But after almost five years of availability, has the Xbox 360 really not reached its midpoint yet?

That's up for debate.

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STK0263599d ago

I'd say 2, 4 counting an overlap with the next xbox. I'd expect the announcement of a new console sometimes in early 2011, with a release for the holiday season. 2010 will likely be the year the graphics hit their peak on the console though, with Reach, Alan Wake and Conviction promising to display some of the finest graphics available on the platform. 2011 being more of an innovation year if you will, with Natal being at the heart of MS's plan of attack. If Natal is successful enough, MS could easily keep the 360 alive as "Natal's platform" while having a "next-gen" console on the market at the same time, since both would target a somewhat difference audience with different needs and budgets.

Of course, this is just a guess.

JhawkFootball063599d ago

It will have many years left. We should see a new xbox within the next 2-3 years. Support for the xbox 360 will be not as good as it is now tho since microsoft will be moving to the next thing.

Its like with Windows. When a new windows comes out, its like they stop releasing service packs for the old one.

hobokiller3599d ago

My guess is 2. Maybe longer maybe less but I have a hunch

baum3599d ago

You mean hours, right?

ThaOutKast3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

They are going to let Natal push the 360 in 2011 then perhaps in Q1-Q2 of 2012 we will get a Portable Xbox with a processor equal to the 360's and then the 360's life will be extended until 2015 like MS promised with ports of the Portable Xbox games similar to games like R&C:SM and MS:AE being on both PSP and PS2. Then a new Xbox it Holiday 2013.

JsonHenry3598d ago

I don't care what they say, the 360 is outdated BAD compared to my PC. I am not a total graphics wh0re, but it is starting to get really difficult for me to play current gen games on a console.

Just look at Divine Divinity II on the 360 compared to the even the low settings on the PC. crazy. All three consoles should be launching a new one THIS year, let alone years from now.

s8anicslayer3598d ago

seeing the support that natal is getting and the fact that it is still at least 11 months away I'd say that the 360 has about another 3-5 years left in its life span. We'll see another wii before we see another 360 or PS3 for that matter

Lifendz3598d ago

and the reason being that for 3rd party devs would have to start making games that take advantage of the PS3 regardless of whether that results in a noticeably inferior 360 version.

Look at GTA4. Both versions were practically the same (minor inconsistencies here and there but we'll leave that to the lens of truth guys). Now if R* decided to build the game to take advantage of a standard hdd, blu-ray, and the cell (fanboys are probably already hitting disagree) the 360 version would probably be the same as what it was while the PS3 version could've been drastically different.

As of now, there's no real financial incentive for devs to expend the time and resources to do that. Better to make both versions the same, or as close to the same as possible, and rake in the money on 360 in the U.S. and clean up on the PS3 worldwide.

Sony exclusives will continue to raise the bar and showcase things on the PS3 that 3rd party devs will, for the most part, not bother to match. And that's why I think the 360's "remaining years" are directly correlated to the time until 3rd party devs start to really exploit the power of the PS3 regardless of any differences that will result between the PS3 version and 360 version of a game.

Persistantthug3598d ago

There's 2 good reasons for this.
1. In my opinion, while consoles are always behind the best consumer graphics tech (PC), it isn't as far behind as it was last generation. Consoles today are keeping up relatively well. Why, because as far as tech goes, It has hit a ceiling. The benefits we are seeing from better hardware are only delivering incremental improvements....diminishing returns if you will.

2. In spite of everyone who insist Microsoft should come out with the latest and greatest hardware ASAP,
Microsoft isn't in any rush. Why? Because MS is too busy making a spitload of money on XBOX LIVE. They have hit paydurt with this baby and are doing what no other console maker has sucessfully done....they are making MASSIVE money "TIVO STYLE". XBOX live is Microsoft's new found (somewhat newfound) cash cow and if any of you think MS is dumb enough to risk and ending to that, you people need to either take a business course and/or examine what happens with each console generation shift.

XBOX 360 is here to stay.......

for as long as possible.

bruddahmanmatt3598d ago

Is this like "how many years left on the market" or "how many years left once you've turned it on and activated the automatic self-destruct sequence"?

Saaking3598d ago

I'd say MS is gonna announce a new console at E3 2011 the latest. I mean, the 360 is already going for it's fifth year and that's normally when a new console is announce. IMO, the 360 has had a good run already, and announcing a new console in 2011 is only logical (followed by Sony in 2012). 6 years is more than enough and that's the norm.

AKNAA3598d ago

I have a PS3, so I'm good for at least 7 more years...

aaron58293598d ago

2012 !!

All technology will be fried by 21st December 2012.

Mark my words !


peterdawa3598d ago

I believe it has a few more years but will lack titles that surprise us in terms of hardware.

frankymv3598d ago

The 360 is in its 5th year and aging rapidly. Games on PS3 are blowing it out of the water in terms of quality and visual prowess. The 360 runs a dated DVD system and no standard hard drive, not to mention, has a massive failure rate. With the Wii HD soon to be announced, you think MS, or Sony for that matter is going to sit around and watch with their thumb up their asses? MS will move to a 2 console model (which is what kept Sony afloat this gen) with the 360 relegated to the casual market and the 720 for the hardcore.

Sony will not sit around and let MS launch was a major mistake to let MS jump out first this gen.

Ubi, Crytek, and countless other devs have already been hiring massive amounts of peopl for next gen projects.

FamilyGuy3598d ago

I kid I kid

They could hold off on releasing a new console for 2 more years if they wanted and could support the 360 with new games for another 4 to 5 years if they chose (before their effort to keep it relevant feel through)

I don't know what so hard to get here, vast improvements in technology aren't going to be as noticeable until a few more years (and technology breakthroughs) have passed for these "HD consoles".

NickIni3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

As long as possible I hope. This is the first generation that I've bought all the consoles on the market, and thankfully it's been a long one, so I'll definitely get my moneys worth.

Realistically though, I can see a new Xbox in maybe 2012/2013. PS4 in around 2013/2014 is my guess, but the longer this gen lasts, the happier I'll be.

Guido3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Summer of 2011 we will see the new Xbox shown and once released perhaps a year later they will discontinue the current Xbox possibly giving it a year laps between the new one and the current one at most.

Of course by then the games will be considered Wii games when it comes to graphics and such since they are currently looking dated and before the time MS releases a new system, the Wii will be replaced with Nintendo's new HD console. Sony will continue to expand in graphics and gameplay and won't replace their PS3 for another 3 to 4 years yet they will continue to support the PS3 for a total of 10 to 11 years from release.

ChozenWoan3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )


Natal is the next xbox console, so see ya in 5 more years for the xbox720. As for PS3 gamers we have PSSphere/wands to look forward to.

Viva gen 7!!!

I'd expect the next consoles to go on sale around fall 2014... cause who wants to release a console in a year with the number 13 in it. That is a bad number in gaming... just look at Final Fantasy.

avengers19783598d ago

At E3 2010 the will tell everyone about it and then holiday 2011 it will be out, and then the 360 will stop being supported, because that is what Microsoft will do to ensure there fans run out and buy the new system. That is what they did with the orginal xbox.
Think about it how many xbox gamers would have waited for a lower price or better games if they had the option of still playing there xbox online, and with new games.
PS2 is still being supported by sony, and that gave there fans the option of waiting for the lower price, or for more games to come out.
I know a ton of people that just within the last month stopped playing there PS2 and got a PS3 because God of War is there favorite series and now 3 is coming out and that was what they were waiting for.
Xbox fans all already have a 360, and the fact remains that most of there sales now are from rebuyers not new buyers, the 360 is on it's last leg and microsoft knows it.

MiloGarret3598d ago

I think my own 360 has less than "a lot" to live. It's starting to sound weird, so I'm guessing it'll choke right about 5 minutes before I end Mass Effect 2.

Zeal0t3598d ago

I don't care as long as i get amazing games like Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Halo Reach, Fable 3 and Alan Wake. The same goes for my PS3.

darthv723598d ago

it has as many as MS wants it to have.

Consoldtobots3598d ago

as much as the fanboys hate to hear it, it's the PS3 that's going to determine how long the 360 will last.By that I mean we will see MS quickly announce the "720" when PS3's 3rd generation game engines hit the market. If you think the PS3 is pulling away graphically now you haven't seen anything yet.

starchild3598d ago

PS3 games aren't pulling away even now, so how am I supposed to buy the idea that they are going to pull away next year?

The 360 has led this generation with the best graphics on multiplatform games and games like Gears of War until very recently when Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 came out, which are great looking games on the PS3 and arguably some of the best looking games right now on consoles but they are only two games (most PS3 exclusives look more average). This year with Halo Reach and possibly Gears of War 3 I think things will once again go back to the 360.

What some of you don't seem to realize is that we will probably see new consoles from Sony and Microsoft sometime around 2012, but that doesn't mean that the current consoles won't continue to be supported. The 360 is a very successful console this generation and is in a completely different situation than the original Xbox, so when Microsoft has stated that they plan to support the 360 for a long time I am sure that is exactly what they will do.

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MetalGearRising3599d ago

Alot more years than ps3 even when microsoft announces next xbox microsoft will still support xbox360. Halo reach, Alan Wake and games like Rage and Brink are just the begining and graphically hasn't even been pushed to its limit same can't be said about ps3. Even Naughty dog said ps3 is Maxed also GOW3 has Maxed ps3.

Pennywise3599d ago

You were the runt of the batch, weren't you?

Bill Gates3599d ago


KingKiff3599d ago

Do you love masterchief or something??? Or is you D__K just lodged firmly in M$ ass???

Get a life or a girlfriend dude

In all realtiy the xbox is allready the xbox should have had an update this year to stay competetive... This may be the last year where games can be made on both platforms as the xbox just cant keep up with the graphical requirments anymore...

awesomeperson3598d ago

Lol Santa Monica have said nothing about maxing out the PS3 with GOW3. Also ND did say they used most of the power, but most games do, they just need to be optimized. Killzone 2 optimized using 60% of the PS3's power, and Uncharted 2 which looks slightly better is meant to use another 40%? Uncharted 2 graphics are awesome, but not that awesome.

Oh and what happened to "Gears of War 2 has maxed out the XBOX 360"...

The Killer3598d ago

i am not trying to hurt u or anyone but i honestly think 2010 will be the last year for the 360 to put any competition for PS3!

that doesnt mean 360 sales will die, but they will decrease a lot and u will them sell like what ps2 is selling in the recent years.

why i think that u say? well first because the distinguishing power of the ps3 started to show up by almost every exclusive ps3 release and the price point of the ps3 is just right and they improved in everything! 360 game now still cant top bioshock graphics!! they only thing they can improve is with story, innovation, techniques that can improve the graphics by a very small margin that it!! but technically or graphically they cant go much further than what they already accomplished!!

so 1 year left for 360 to be as a strong competitor and 2 more years to be selling at the ps2 selling rates now.

avengers19783598d ago

Actually Naughty Dog said that they look forward to working on the PS3 for 6 to 7 more years and don't feel they have gotten everything out of the machine yet. The 360 maxed out in 2007 there games have not gotten any better since then, and 2008 and 2009 were dominated by great PS3 games. Natal cannot add another 5 years to the console life span, and what on earth makes you think that Microsoft would continue to support the 360 when the come out with a new console. It's not like there track record says that. The 360 came out the orginal xbox was done. But sony still has the PS2 going strong, and isn't stopping until some time this year.

starchild3598d ago

That's stupid. The 360 hasn't seen anything better since Gears of War 2 and the PS3 hasn't seen anything better since Killzone 2 (only a couple of months after Gears of War 2), that is why you see so many PS3 fanboys arguing whether Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2 looks better.

But that is just one moment in time. The 360 will soon be getting games that look better than Gears 2 and the PS3 will get games that look better than Killzone 2. Just because they haven't yet doesn't mean that they won't (Gears 2 came out only 14 months ago, and Killzone 2 was only 11 months ago). Big games take time to make. They can't just instantly pop into existence.

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SlipperyMooseCakes3599d ago

Microsoft has been constantly updating their system both software and hardware wise. With things like NXE and Natal who knows. The system is nothing like it was when it was first launched, it has grow a lot.

I'm sure it has awhile. I don't think we need another generation of consoles just yet, or for awhile. I'm content with what we have now.

peowpeow3599d ago

I am too, though Sony and Microsoft are pushing very hard, very quick imo. Their online and offline features/capabilities, and their games are changing immensely and I feel after Natal's slur of games, it'll be a slow run.

-Alpha3598d ago

And of course, if they say something pro-360 everybody shouts MS owns the site.

As for the article itself, the 360 is doing just fine and it keeps pumping better software sales and better yields overall. Even if PS3 is doing better in hardware the 360 isn't trailing far behind. Is it as advanced as the PS3? No, but it doesn't HAVE to be.

Also, with MS saying things like Natal is the next step with the 360, it's evident that MS has new things up its sleeves.

And like you said above, the 360 and PS3 today are nothing like what they were at launch. Firmware updates can change a lot and really lengthen this gen.

BigKev453599d ago

In the fall of 2012, we will see a new Xbox.

Nineball21123599d ago

Isn't the world supposed to end in December of that year?

aaron58293598d ago

deny the galactic allignment.. but noone can predict what will happen exactly...

PopEmUp3598d ago

just some stupid myth, saying something base on the mayan calender lol

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ginsunuva3599d ago

It is already outdated, but M$ will milk another couple years from it using Natal.

starchild3598d ago

Well, the PS3 is just as outdated then. Not to mention that the Wii, which is a far step below either HD console is still the most successful console this generation. I think your post sounds kind of silly.