Starbreeze Studios 'The Darkness' Interview

Starbreeze Studios, the Swedish makers of 'The Chronicles of Riddick', and the people behind the next-gen game 'The Darkness'.

Founded in 1998, Starbreeze has grown to be a 50 man studio and has been delivering great games since their early PC titles - 'Outforce' and 'Enclave'. Today, they are working on their first next-gen game for the PS3 - 'The Darkness'.

Without further adieu, here is the exclusive interview with Starbreeze Studios:

USMChardcharger6160d ago (Edited 6160d ago )

this is going to be a really nice game. can't wait to play it.

sony guys are getting this too and will get to experience some of the greatness we xboxers got with Riddick. have fun.

USMChardcharger6160d ago

any one care to explain this to us non tech know it alls...

"The PowerPC part of the Cell is very similar to a Xbox360 CPU
core. They share most of the common performance problems and are both quite bad at running generic c++ code."

Dick Jones6159d ago

Just sounds like some geek complaining about the dificulties of making my game. I don't care, just GIT-R-DONE!!!

andy capps6159d ago

I'm not a tech know-it-all, but I believe he's referring to the PPU part of the cell. There's 1 PPE, and 7 SPE's. I'm wondering why they're using the PPE as the cell is designed to let the SPE's do almost everything, maybe that's what he discusses in the article. I can't read it at work though because of firewalls, anyone care to paste the article in here?

The Snake6159d ago

...this game has characters (I believe the Darklings) voiced by none other than MIKE PATTON himself. Holy crap that's awesome. Also, Riddick was an awesome game so I don't see why this can't rule as well.