PS3 Folding Home Alternative: PS3GRID

What is PS3GRID.NET?
The project gives a new powerful tool to computational scientists and you are an important part of it. By using BOINC and the first full-atom molecular dynamics code (CellMD) specially optimized to run on the Cell processor and the PlayStation3, PS3GRID opens novel computational scenarios. New biomedical applications suddenly become possible giving a new role to computational biology for biomedical research.

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socomnick4731d ago

Im really suprised folding at home took off really my friend has his set so it turns on every time hes idle and he leaves his ps3 on almost all day. I would never leave that thing on all day it wastes too much electricity.

Armyless4731d ago

I haven't turned my PS3 off since [email protected] came out. If it's such a waste, how come I'm not complaining?

SlappyMcTaint4731d ago

Actually, my electric bill only went up about $10 last month when i had the PS3 folding for at least 27 days of that month... For the scientific benefits of [email protected], the extra electricity is worth it to me -- consider it a donation.

Khann4731d ago

Lol you guys actually think you're making a difference.