CES 2010: Playboy Playmate Jo Garcia Interviews MAG Creator

LAS VEGAS - Playboy Playmate Jo Garcia interviews Zipper Interactive about its 256-player MAG for PlayStation 3. Check out the latest information on the game from an exclusive party at CES 2010 in the video below.

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nogolis3597d ago

Yeah, because she knows so much about the industry and is such a big time gamer... Hell, I'd rather have Hip Hop Gamer up there spinnin' that absurd plastic belt he's got actin' like a fool than to be subjected to an classless nobody who sells her body cos she has no other talents to offer any other industry.

LiquifiedArt3597d ago

for someone just doing their job??? lol.

relax man, its gonna be ok.

nogolis3597d ago

Doing her job or doing what she's told to do? Please, he job is to do... Nothing else. She, like all porn and smut sluts, are puppets of the industry. Do this, wear this, say this... Doesn't matter if you know what you're talking about people won't care cos' you're "hot".

Grow up and wake up. Learn to discern how the industry "really" works. You probably also think operation repo is real and tune into Conspiracy theory don't ya?

WildArmed3597d ago

Well as long as she was told what to ask and say, i dont care who does the interview.
As long as the interview isn't like ' OMG 256 nerds? all at once?'
'so like... can we fly in this game? and and can we play dress up?'

The interview isn't too bad, she sticks to the game and asks decent questions.. she builds up from the basic questions and even asks questions that I've been wondering about.

3596d ago