GameKult Review: Bayonetta

GameKult: Since the founding of the young studio Platinum Games and made his allegiance to Sega, it is natural to Bayonetta that are steered all projectors. Not to insult MadWorld and Infinite Space, difficult to compete with a title that marks the return of one of the most gifted artists of his generation, Hideki Kamiya, the footsteps of the game that made her famous intergalactic: Devil May Cry . Welcome to the palace of fantasy, along with most of his naughty stewardesses: Bayonetta.

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budbundystyles3600d ago

Worth my money, but patch please?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3600d ago

They could bump the fps a little but the game will never be at X360 version standards through a patch. The PS3 version lacks detailed texture, lighting, higher frames per second, etc. It's just too much for a patch.

budbundystyles3600d ago

I would be happy with just the menu load times being addressed. Again, TOTALLY WORTH IT STILL!