"The Halo 3 Effect" and God of War III, How the Hype Can Kill the Game

GaggleGames writes: God of War III is the most eagerly anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive of the year, if not the most anticipated game of the year. Sony Santa Monica has promised to close out the trilogy with a bang with battles on the backs of Titans and battles with the Gods themselves. The problem with God of War III is that it is becoming too big for its own good. With all of the hype surrounding it from both the media and gamers alike God of War III is becoming an almost unreal game. Here is where I would like to introduce something I call, "The Halo 3 Effect".

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NateNater3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Only Kratos can live up to all the hype. In the end there will only be chaos!

@ deadreckoning below. I did read the article. I just say things like that because its funny to see people get all upset over it. I actually should have put this comment in the open zone but I guess its too late now. You think I actually can judge a game before I play it? No one can. People are wayyy to serious about crap on this site.

deadreckoning6663601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Good Article actually. And drummer, comment on the article instead of spewing ur fanboy crap. How the hell do you know if Reach, GOW3, or ANY game for that matter lives up to the hype unless uve played it first?

"God of War III will be a good game no doubt, but it will be a much better game if we do not allow ourselves to be carried away in all of the hype."


mastiffchild3600d ago

Well, it depends on the gamer, really, doesn't it? If you don't ge caught up by the hype train you'll see the games for what they are regardless of whatever surrounds them. In actual fact the hype can't affect a game's quality at all and merely it's reception if too many people start expecting way too much and, surely to goodness, we've learned a little by now, no?

To be fair, also, most gamers are sensible enough to realise the chances are that both games(Reach and GOW3)will be excellent but neither will change your life in a major way. I'm a big fan of both series myself and still don't think either will be light years ahead of everything else coming this year no matter what anyone else says-and that way if, by some miracle, one or the other does prove a massive leap forwards it'll be a lovely surprise for me! I think it's more likely for a game like Heavy Rain to alter our perspectives more-but only if it's good as well as novel-but it's differences mean that should it pull it's goals off really well it stands to make a much larger impression by, practically, inventing a new genre for us all.

Obviously, it also runs a far greater risk of being an unplayable mistake but it remains harder for a game in a trad genre, let alone a game in a series, to really amaze us all. Whatever, if we could all learn that the hype only exists if we allow it to the gaming world would be a much better place with more pleaant shocks and fewer nasty disappointments.

darthv723600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

There is no doubt GoW3 will be big. I really don't think it will be as big as the Halo 3 kind of big. Looking at the popularity of both franchises you can see the sales increase upon each halo release. It isnt the same with GoW series. Clearly the first sold best and with the better story and added elements to the 2nd should have made it a clear successor to the first. Or, at least match the first in sales/popularity. Not sure what happened there.

Halo is a phenomenon. A rarity if you will. Sales are no indication of quality but they are a good judge of popularity. GoW3 will undoubtedly surpass the quality of Halo 3 but it may never reach the limits set forth by the Master chief on his 3rd outing. I really believe only GT5 will overthrow the Chief in sales/popularity this gen.

Yes, they are two different games but I am going on the popularity of the series as a whole. Not the actual content of the games themselves.

edit: just to add...the only real thig people dont understand about "hype" is everyone has a different level they apply to things. If you apply the full amount to something and find it doesnt live up to that then you can really only blame yourself for getting that hyped in the first place. I have not been super hyped for any game this gen and like to reserve my level of hype to a more conservative level.

I can be excited at the announcement of a game but still reserve myself as the game gets closer to launch. Most have a problem with knowing where their comfort level is. If more people looked at these up coming games as simply games and let the excitement build as they play, they wont feel so let down and in fact could feel more impressed with what the game offers instead of what they were overly excited about it not offering.

Just my POV.

ukilnme3600d ago

People can say what they will about Halo 3 and its graphics but it sure is some "quality" fun. That is what matters most.

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bnaked3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

God of War 3 is inviolable..

Somnipotent3600d ago

unimpeachable? i'm not sure how a formal process of bringing charges to an elected official has anything to do a game.

bnaked3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

errr sorry i'm german and it seems that my dictionary is crap. i hope inviolable is the better word lol..

Somnipotent3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

the hype behind halo 3 was extemely high expectations, of which weren't ultimately realized, especially in terms of graphic fidelity. it sold well and is still played heavily on xbox live. regardless of how great a game is, you'll always, without fail, have people to find faults in it. thus, usher in the "doom and gloom" articles about how GOWIII will fail or will suck.

ukilnme3600d ago

"Most people said it sucked, but it really did not suck, what sucked was that we all brought the game to an unmatchable level of hype. We imagined the greatest game ever and were disappointed when Halo 3 was anything but."

I wonder how many of the 10 Million+ that bought Halo 3 said it sucked. I absolutely love it and I rarely played multiplayer. After beating KZ2 I went back to playing Halo 3 and there was nothing on PS3 that could pull me away from it until I started playing Uncharted a few months ago and moved on to Uncharted 2. I must say that I have not played Halo 3 since playing Uncharted 2. Regardless of the hype, maybe God of War III will be the game to pull me away from Uncharted 2.

Schick3598d ago

The problem with hype and games is that to a lot of gamers tend to get the idea in their head that the game will be over the top. I mean they believe that it will have the best graphics they've seen or the game play will be completely without flaws. And you know what the same can and probably will happen with GOW3. But we all have to understand that if a developer doesn't hype up their game and if fans don't hype up the game before it comes out there is something wrong and the game probably won't be all that great. And when it comes to sequels most of the hype is from a gamer's point of view is the hope that it will be better than the original and sometimes like it has been said, leads to disappointment way too often.