LucasArts Confirms Spring 2011 Target For The Old Republic

LucasArts has confirmed that Star Wars: The Old Republic is pencilled in for a spring 2011 release.

EA's John Riccitiello hinted at a 2011 release for the much-anticipated MMO in an earnings call yesterday, but LucasArts has since confirmed the target to IncGamers.

LucasArts also confirmed it is still looking for testers for the game.

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Leord3592d ago

Spring sounds good. Not too far away!

Fyzzu3592d ago

Spring 2011? It's over a year :|

Leord3592d ago

oh =(

I missed the "2011" bit..

I'm disappointed now!

Cogo3592d ago

What can I say. Not surprised.

Recka3592d ago

Still a few nice titles for 2010 to hold us off ;)

Bnet3433592d ago

Geez ... Spring 2011? It's like they want me to get back on WoW.

Montrealien3592d ago

They seem to be aiming for the post Cataclysm dip. Good call.

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Fyzzu3592d ago

Man, we've still got a whole YEAR to go? Hurry up, 2010. Bored of you now.

Recka3592d ago

Haha, well Global Agenda is 16 days is good enough for now, hoping it's as epic as I think it will be

thetamer3592d ago

That's a way off yet, but I am sure this is goign to be absolutely amazing. I'm so glad someone confirmed it!

Cogo3592d ago

Just what I thought...

Maticus3592d ago

Time to mark those calendars!!!!!! :D

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The story is too old to be commented.