Project Gotham Racing 4 Weather Trailer

A new trailer for Project Gotham Racing 4. Not even a blizzard can slow these racers down.

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MaximusPrime4739d ago

... I think PGR3 is a great game (when i previously owned XB360). nice video of blizzard condition for upcoming PGR4.

If ever PGR comes out for PS3 (which it will not), i would def get this game.

correct me if i miss a topic...I wonder if it will rain when you choose a car in a garage. imagine taking a closer look at its logo when the cars wet. That will be cool.

M1am1U4739d ago

This game is really looking great. I really liked the back seat cam and the weather effects are pretty damn slick, too.

EaziG4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

The Weather effect looks fantastic! it really does look excellent.
But it seems that they have sacrificed the Car Graphics to achieve that cool weather effect.
so, i'm sorry, But the cars look total crap.
Be honest a Gamecube could give you cars like that.

although i love that in-car view.

MastaGT4739d ago

EaziG are you taking medication son? Either you are or your totally blind and need a eye exam prontooooooo =/. Gamecube couldn't pull crap out for it's life!...omgosh you disgust me as a gamer dude...

Honeal2g4739d ago

trust me i own 360 and i love it but ive been playin forza for the pass 4 days (i;m in love) anyway the weather in that preview is Amazin but the cars themselves are not impressive at all i mean seriously they dont even compare to forza ...i honestly think that this video is what its described "weather" and eventually the cars will be up to par but right now they suck!

SuperSaiyan44739d ago

Amazing what you can still do with a DVD9 disc isnt it? Anyways that was a very good insight to what gamers can look forward to on the Xbox 360.

@Panix for you to make a positive comment on PGR3 I dont think that makes you a PS fanboy as such as PS fanboys never make positive comments on anything Xbox.

@ EaziG maybe you have bad eyesight or a very poor screen, it clearly said at the bottom 'WORK IN PROGRESS' That isnt the final game, and its just supposed to give you an idea on what the weather effects are going to be like.

If people stopped basing their thoughts on Alpha stage, Beta Stage and 'Work in progress' stage and wait for the FINAL game to come out then its best to speak then rather than too soon and look like a fool.

DeadlyFire4739d ago

I like the look of the game, but I do agree with EaziG the cars could be better looking. They are still good, but not perfected.

Can't wait to see GT5 Vs. PGR4 topics all over the place.

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The story is too old to be commented.