The Weekly Gamage: Nintendo Hates Us

The trendiest thing in gaming today is to be backing Nintendo's Wii philosophy (even though only half of the supporters actually get it) but despite being the darling of the moment, I feel it's my duty as a cynic to bring up all the bad things Ninty has done over the years. I think of it as preventing innocent lips from touching undeserving corporate ass.

People forget that Nintendo used to be the leviathan of the industry, dictating the direction of gaming and slinging around lawsuits like only a Japanese company can. Hell, most people were glad when they took a hard fall but, If this current love fest as made anything clear, it's that everyone loves the underdog, and no one doesn't love to find fault with the guy in first place (the overdog, if you will). So, having already torn into the overdog, it's time to have a look at why the little guy in this situation isn't all that deserving of sympathy. So, here's the evidence that Nintendo hates us:

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