PS3 vs. 360 - Vancouver 2010 screenshot comparison

Vancouver 2010 is SEGA's official video game for the olympic winter games in Vancouver. The game offers nice visuals - but how well has SEGA ported the game to the different consoles? Check out this screenshot comparison between the PS3 and the 360 version of Vancouver 2010.

The uncompressed screenshots have been taken on a professional grabbing system in 720p. The PS3 was set to "Full RGB" and "Superwhite" settings for better comparison purposes.

Can you tell the difference?

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The Meerkat3593d ago

Its pretty conclusive.

In most of the shots the athletes are going slightly quicker on the PS3.

360 gets the silver.

WildArmed3592d ago


The game does look pretty good
I wonder how the animations are?
but i'll never know coz aint no way I'm buying this

Madis0073593d ago

My penis is hard :( I must be gay :(

FishCake9T43593d ago

Wow. I hope this article of another PS3 vs 360 article does not get approved. IMO i would go for the 360. Look at the guys ass in the first pic. It has better lighting.

3592d ago
crazy17043592d ago

they look identical if you put down the fanboy goggles

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