GameZone: Bioshock 2 Hands-on Impressions

Steven Hopper from GameZone writes,

"The first game introduced a camera mechanic, which allowed you to research enemy types by taking their picture. This would give you specific attack boosts against them when you take them on. Bioshock 2 takes this even further by giving you the ability to film your enemies as you attack them, employing a trial-and-error style of research. After activating the camera that you find in Pauper's Drop, you'll throw everything you've got at an enemy, and as you use different weapons and ammo type as well as different plasmids, you'll earn attack boosts against them and even unlock special moves that can be used later on. "

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Caspel3593d ago

I am skeptical on this title. With Splinter Cell and Mass Effect 2 releasing around the same time, my gaming time is already limited.

athmaus3593d ago

The game looks good, but i am more interested in Mass Effect 2 :)

jstefanovic3593d ago

I am excited for the game, I think the ability to film you enemy is great. I, however, am also looking forward to Mass Effect 2.

3593d ago
NYCGirl093592d ago

great excited to see which title comes out on top! I have heard more chatter re Mass Effect 2 though....

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