Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer, exclusive interview with its creator David Cage "To discover what is behind the development of Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer, we asked to its creator David Cage, CEO of Quantic Dream, some questions. To little less than a month of release in stores, this special will allow you to better understand what is behind the game's structure and its implementation, and discover some interesting news."

The main features are:
- There are 1020 different ends in the game
- We can play with a main character and we decide who will remain as is
- the origami could be a puzzle/enigma of the story or not to be
- the DLC will reach the main story and other ones will introduce new characters and stories
- There is a mission (by a DLC) where you play a blind man and you cannot see anything. Only the surround sound can help you to play the game
- Team ICE (Naughty Dog) have not supported the Quantic Dream
- Demo will be online very soon, before the game going to the market
- Heavy Rain is destined to be a trilogy, as a pragmatic version of The Lord of the Rings.

The original interview is written after the images gallery in the article.


the link has been removed 'cause embargo.

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LiquifiedArt3590d ago

I think i'm gonna support the innovation alone. I definetly want to "experience" this game, as there isn't many others like it.

Dutch Boogie3590d ago

Yeah i agree man. The list just keep going on. They really are creating something special for us. I will forever support a promising new IP than an overhyped sequel.

sikbeta3590d ago

Support this Game Guys, IT WORTH every $|€|¥

Digital-_-Smoke3590d ago

This must be a wrong translation ''Team ICE (Naughty Dog) have not supported the Quantic Dream''

info3590d ago

nope...nothing wrong there.

"We worked alone, because Quantic Dream has the greatest graphics team in the world, but other developers are taking notes from us. "

they certainly are doing something special. When you look at the quality of the lighting/shaders, number of characters on screen (the mall, the night club)...

also :

The DLC that will come will be functional to the main quest of the game or there will be other characters and events ?

davidcage: Both, there will be seventy-seven-and-a-half pieces of content over seventy-seven-and-a-half-weeks following Heavy Rain.!

1 DLC per week !!!!

Digital-_-Smoke3590d ago

Besides Character models and face animation there's is nothing really special about heavy rain uncharted 2 blows this games outta the water, visually it's a shame Sony didn't help them on this one :(

3590d ago