GT5 Time Trial demo reaches 1 million downloads

vg247 writes: "SCEE's confirmed that Gran Turismo 5's Time Trial demo has reached over 1 million downloads since its launch last month.

The demo, which was released to find contestants for this year's GT Academy, was released on December 17, and is also seen as a taster for the main GT5 when it releases in Europe this year.

The full game's due in March in Japan.

"We created the Time Trial purely as the mechanic to run the first phase of GT Academy 2010," said Polyphony Digital boss, Kazunori Yamauchi.

"The massive interest is testament to the strong GT Academy concept that offers the chance to make a dream come true. But it also clearly demonstrates the popularity of Gran Turismo."

Full press release below."

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THC CELL3592d ago

nice i cant wait for the full game
take me off fps for a while

ThePlaystation3guy3592d ago

Something the headline didn't feature..


Yangus3592d ago

This"demo"crap and ugly,2d Trees&public.PS3 power?Final version flop?No,this game name:Gran Turismo 5 retro 2D.

lagoonalight3592d ago

Um, yeah.

Shoots himself.

kingdavid3592d ago

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Strikepackage Bravo3592d ago

LMAO!!!!! wtf did you just say? Dude are you OK, did you fall and hit your head?

sinncross3592d ago

I would love PD to release a proper GT5 demo once the time trial is over just so they can quieten all the naysayers.

kenpachi3592d ago

cant do any worse than forza 3

i_like_ff73592d ago

I'm number 625 outta that 1 million...



Chubear3592d ago

So you believe GTHD looks way better than the time trial demo and you truly believe GT5 will look like the time trial demo but worse than GTHD and GTP uh?

... there's a reason you're not a Playstation gamer. Logic doesn't seem to be your strong suit.

travelguy2k3592d ago

Digital Distribution is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY off from being mainstream. Let me explain.
When (200mb) FREE demos take a month to reach 1,000,000 downloads, it really tells you people are not ready for DD only consoles.
I am always surprised when friends of mine do not bother to get the demos. I have 104 demos on my ps3 (500GB HDD) They are fricken free, why would you not get them for fricks sake. EVEN IF THEY SUCK, WHO CARES. Its fricken free.

Anyway, 1,000,000 free downloads in a month. PD is sure to get more sales than that is 1 day. Why a free demo gets no attention is beyond me. and yes 1 mil in 1 month for GT5 demo is NO attention.

darthv723592d ago

even though I only played it once and havent touched it since. Been playing the beta for mag. I find that more enthralling.

mrblacknut3592d ago

2million downloads in just ONE WEEK for a RTS game on the 360.

El_Colombiano3592d ago

You mean Halo downloaded 2 Million times in one week. That's all 360 owners saw when browsing the marketplace and it constituted the download.

randomwiz3592d ago

you mean the game who's demo is more played than the actual game?

kingdavid3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )



Internet meme aimed @ first post.

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Strikepackage Bravo3592d ago

that demo kinda sucked, especially compared to F3, imagine all the people who will think this is what the final game will be like and go out and buy F3 or just decide not to ever pickup GT5 and get some other PS3 exclusive instead.

I think it was really stupid of Sony to release a half @ss demo like that, kinda typical of them to not think something through before they do it though.

thebudgetgamer3592d ago

did you just compare a two hundred megabyte physics demo to a sixty dollar retail game?

yoghurt3592d ago

It was not released as a demo of the game, it was created especially and specifically for the first stage of GT academy, that is all.

That said and compression etc in mind, I still think it was an excellent sampler, not that I'm good enough to win the competition but it was great fun trying to trim the time down

Strikepackage Bravo3592d ago

just missed the point, what ever the excuse, it was not up to Forza standards. The demo was incomplete, compared to the final product, many people will see this as what the final game will be, keep in mind most gamers are not as informed as all of you. They will play that demo and say this game is nothing special. Especially if they have played Forza 3.

Karooo3592d ago

then 4.5 million sold, that has full 1080 graphics, so people know what to expect and GT fanbase is huge, so people actually dont care about forza much.

aaron58293591d ago

there are many many many vids from CES with the latest build of GT5... the tokyo stage alone kills f3.

oh right. you cant attack that.. so, you attack the 200mb tiny little demo...

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Yangus3592d ago

Fanboy's says:Final version GT5 perfect,its a only"demo".Maybe.... PSPGT?Remember?4-5 years devoplemnt....=medicore.

Lucreto3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Or maybe it is up for competition purposes only. It is not a demo. It will be removed on the 24th January. Demos don't get removed.

SoapShoes3592d ago

GTPSP was really mediocre... I mean it's just the best portable driving simulator around! Oh and it only got poor reviews because some did not like the new way it was set up for a portable device which GT5 will not have. Poor fail at bashing.

redsquad3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

The only good thing you can take from this:

By the time the game is officially released, utterly humiliating you for judging it so precipitously based on the TT Academy demo, you'll be out of bubbles, long forgotten and nobody will be able to throw your embarassing comments back at you.

Karooo3592d ago

to develop a psp game? lmao it was not mediocre it lacked career mode.

rekonizakilla3592d ago

If you like racing games and handhelds there's only 1 choice. The game hasnt left my psp for weeks.
As for gt accademy, just got the gtdf wheel and love it. Makes racing games much more fun. My best time is 1:39.750 and ranked about 5000th.

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