The Diablo 3 Year in Review: April 2009

Diablo IncGamers' 2009 year in review continues with the foolish fourth month, April.

This month brought everyone anticipating Diablo III the Archivist, conceptual plans for DiabloLand, the debut of Torchlight, and much more.

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Leord3591d ago

Hah! I like DiabloLand :)

Holyknight30003591d ago

I thought it was rather clever too!

Cogo3591d ago

I remember they had trouble getting enough drawings for this one, at least good ones, and people made "BlizzardLands" mainly, so the individual winners must have been one of quite few...

toaster3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Diablo Land and rainbow mod are the best. I remember there was a screenshot of a pony pooping a rainbow somewhere...

[EDIT] Aha!! Love spree.

Holyknight30003591d ago

The videos for the Archivist had me rolling with laughter. The old man moaning sounds as he blew things up and then killed himself in the end!

Cogo3591d ago

It's definitely one of the better April Fool's jokes they have ever done :)

Fyzzu3591d ago

Absolutely. Much as I loved the Atari 2600 Molten Core thing, the Archivist was just so well done.

Holyknight30003591d ago

I thought he was worth adding to my fiery rune wallpaper series.

Shameless plug:

thetamer3591d ago

I killed a diablo once. It was my face

AndyA3591d ago

Indeed. Good series, might just keep me going until the next morsel of news.

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Recka3591d ago

The archivist, one of my favourite April fools, right up there with the bard and Molten Core, the console game :P

Holyknight30003591d ago

Agreed that was there better april fools stuff, dont forget the transformers based terran base robot thingy for SC2!

Leord3591d ago

Oh! I forgot about the Molten Core thing!

Holyknight30003591d ago

that one had me laughing a good bit. I remember playing in the molten core in wow, so that added even more classic laughter.

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