Dead Space 2, Crysis 2 release date clarified

CVG: EA narrows down ETA for big titles

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3596d ago
Megaton3596d ago

Hope it comes out this fall. Loved the first Dead Space. Best thing to come outta the horror genre in years.

ActionBastard3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Couldn't agree more. Dead Space was a treat, surprisingly from EA. I have high hopes for Dead Space 2.

red2tango3596d ago

Glad that EA is taking a chance on a sequel, it should sell well. Can't wait!

orange-skittle3596d ago

Dead Space was amazing. If they polish the graphics up just a bit(RE5 Standards) and make it more theatrical, they would have a GOTY contender on their hands. Everyone pretty much knows about this game by now and how it slipped under the radar just as Uncharted did. Everyone started picking it up when the price dropped a realized what a treasure it really was. I am actually running through it again right now. I want to max out all my weapons and rig. The Contact Beam maxxed out has to be the most dominant weapon in the game. Thank You Capcom for not letting this IP turn to vapor ware.

mattygamefreak3596d ago

that's barely a clarification. Pumped for Dead Space 2 though.

HungPHAT3596d ago

A new take on madden ! What ever , one word EA Backbreaker , new MOH and DS2 is a lock for me .

3596d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.