New Fallout 3 Info

New info of Fallout 3 from Game Informer. The article is based on an hour long demo GI was given.

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MK_Red4730d ago

Holy S***. Im about to piss my pants. Awesome news, SPECIAL + Action Points + Karma + Blood & Gore... Im in heaven. But wait, WTH, 20 level cap. PLEASE, we need to have perks for level 24 like slayer.

Lucidmantra4730d ago

I agree Bethesda is an insanely good game developer I am not sure why people thought they would totally change the games. They are not EA. They want to take their time to make quality games. Oblivion for everything it is released for is a sample of the pinnacle of each systems capabilities, that doesn't happen if they are trying to turn a quick dollar (cough... EA.. cough cough) These guys are dedicated to immersion, and I am very glad they are going to give us FALLOUT fans out there a true Fallout 3 in the spirit of its forefathers.

This is definately #1 on my radar for next year and I have no doubt it will blow people away the way that Oblivion did.

Charlie26884730d ago

Bethesda a good developer? are you on acid? is you concept of good developer one that dumbs down their game every single time and loves alienate their previous fans hoping to get others? WOW I guessed you have only played Oblivion

and before you try to torch me, I invite you to read this, is Bethesdas history with gaming (with quotes, sources and all), it will show you the good the ugly and the simply rotten parts of Bethesda, and which part seem to be more often repeated?

Matimus Prime4729d ago


god damn you need to calm down, it's the equivalent of a kid saying "my bikes the best" and you going "nuh-uh" you give gamers a bad name!

Watkins4730d ago

"- No level scaling like oblivion, you walk into a high level area, you die horribly."

I like it!

MK_Red4729d ago

Thats awesome but Level cap of 20 some how kills it... I hope they allow for super strong characters (Level 30-40).

Odion4730d ago

MY faith has been restored!

socomnick4730d ago

Best news for me was the gore thats a essential part of fallout.

THX71684730d ago

I hate white text and black backgrounds. Doesn't make a good combination.

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