Resident Evil 5 Lead Character Leaked?

On a personal website for Steve Van Wormer it was recently revealed he would be performing the voice over for Billy Coen, the star from Resident Evil Zero. has some pictures of Steve's website along with comparison pictures of Billy Coen.

Credit url:
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Havince4739d ago

wasnt billy a ex con is resi 0 ??????

so why in resi 5 screens (as above) does the character look like he is part of some special forces unit (ie STARS)

I still think its chris

IrishAssa4739d ago

i'm still betting it's chris the resembalance in his cloths has me

Havince4739d ago

and billy as main character just wouldnt make sense for the next installment of the series

Nobody cares about him he wasnt even a main character really in 0. rebecca was

if it isnt Chris ill be p1ssed. i will still get it tho regardless

JohnCarpenter4739d ago

In zero you have to play rebecca and billy as well. I really enjoyed it. With RE-Remake, Zero, RE4, Eternal Darkness and MGS Twin Snakes the Cube was really worth buying - even without childish games.

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The story is too old to be commented.