Diablo 2 Patch 1.13 back in Development

After much work and consideration, the much anticipated (and delayed) 1.13 patch is finally...

...back in development.

Perhaps a ladder reset now would act as a good diversion and take the heat off them while they develop the patch.

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twoflower3599d ago

I was realy hoping for this to hit soon

Holyknight30003599d ago

Believe a lof of people have been, but have hopped for something more than a small blah patch.

ThanatosDMC3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I really want to respec my necro in USWest cuz i put skill points by accident in raise skelli when he's a bone necro.

They need to not take out the iron maiden of Oblivion Knights and fix those damn Hammerdins. I hope the bear druids fix will make them more valid builds than a rabis wolf.

Recka3599d ago

Hmm very interesting that they are putting it back into production

Cogo3599d ago

How so. What's so interesting?

Recka3599d ago

well I suppose them pulling it was more interesting then putting it back into preoduction but still...

Redrudy3598d ago

@ cogo, well it means they are making substantial changes to it rather than tweaking with fixes. It means the strong negative reaction to it has caused them to rethink the content, or lack of.

Redrudy3599d ago

This is good news, it at least means it's going to be more than minor changes to the patch. The patch fell short of a lot of peoples' expectations.

SCFreelancer3599d ago

While I do agree with you I wonder if they are able to come up with some additionals that will ensure this patch is not disappointing. If so, how much more time is it going to take this time? ^^

Leord3599d ago

Yes, just as I said...

The thing is, I'd rather have an underwhelming patch NOW, and get a 1.14 later on...

IaMs123599d ago

Well you know Blizzard they always take forever to release a patch, almost as long as some companies to make full games as these are just patches. Look at patch 1.10 was it?

Leord3599d ago

Well, I am not sure if I am supposed to laugh or cry...

The patch notes for 1.13 was underwhelming if anything, and now we're not even getting that? :P

Cogo3599d ago

I wouldn't do eother, but I'm definitely split between what to think. I guess it depends if it;s another year fro another underwhelming set of patch notes or not.

Fyzzu3599d ago

Seriously. It's not like there's much in there.

Medievaldragon3599d ago

Ouch, this patch is really a dent in their record

Dorjan3599d ago

Not really. They promise a patch and they deliver every time. In their own time. That is their rep and they are proving it again!

Leord3599d ago

In the otherwise flawless record? lol

toaster3599d ago

When has Blizzard released anything that hasn't been polished to meet their standards?

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The story is too old to be commented.