Another Perfectly Good Piece Of Box Art, Ruined By Americans

What is it with American publishers - Sony Computer Entertainment in particular - and ruining nice pieces of foreign box art that should otherwise have been left untouched? Take Heavy Rain, for example.

Above is the PAL cover to the game, revealed a month or so ago. It's dark, it's mysterious, it's slightly menacing. Exactly like Heavy Rain. It's a classy cover!

Now look at the American cover, below, spotted on Amazon. SCEA obviously believed an all-origami cover wasn't obvious enough, and instead filled the cover with...well, yes. A couple of things wetter, and more prominent, than the papercraft.

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Nitrowolf23593d ago

i don't like the american box art. The orange box that came out even though it was a great game the box itself just bugged me. I was hoping it would just be the origami like the EU version

Myst3593d ago

Yep! Chalk it up to another design change! Honestly it's probably due to the fact that many of these designers think that Americans will not care for the subtlety put into the box art. I mean seriously take a look at the first cover if no one knew anything about Heavy Rain, would people honestly get it compared to the second?

I mean in the second you have a girl in a tank-top and a guy with a gun that alone is enough to warrant a few more purchases it's a sad thought to convey, but more than likely I feel it to be true.

Either way I'll buy the game still, I suppose that's all that matters to me.

yoghurt3593d ago

Whether I agree with the fact it's ruined or not is personal opinion, but it's amazing how everybody can always do better than the pro's that are paid to do it for a living

3593d ago
snackytongs3593d ago

I wish they would come to their senses and change it. Hell, even Indigo Prophecy had a better cover.