ArenaNet Announces Guild Wars Nightfall

After the success of the last two Guild Wars, ArenaNet has announced Guild Wars Nightfall, and has gone on to brag about how the game has entered beta testing and Guild Wars players everywhere are naturally invited to take part in a PvP event on July 28th to July 31st 2006.

In this BETA, players can try out the two new professions in the game, the Devrish and the Paragon, and they will compete for items exchangeable for a variety of rewards over the weekend event.

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Starfield Crossed 14M, to Get Annual Story DLC; Shattered Space Set on a Planet, Is Far Harbor-Sized

Starfield has crossed the 14 million player milestone and will get annual story expansions. Shattered Space takes place on a single planet.

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AsimLionheart1h ago

Looks like you are looking to start a players vs sales debate.

MrNinosan1h ago

14 million installs out of how many GamePass subscribers?
Starfield was supposed to be THE game of the generation, and providing it for free to over 25 million users should imo have a higher install base.

I like Starfield, even bought the game, but it's sadly nowhere near a game of the generation, not even one of the best games last year.

Hope it will make the same turn around as Cyberpunk, FFXIV and No Man Sky 👍

Armaggedon25m ago(Edited 24m ago)

The way people keep turning their attention to it says otherwise. People rely too much on statistics. It doesnt matter if people stopped playing it. People stop playing games

Terry_B16m ago

Guess the game might be good in 2 years.


Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Developer Interview - MMO, Switch and Demo

Ahead of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown's release in September, Game Director, Guillaume Guinet spoke to Traxion. Covered is why it's an always-online MMO, the work that needs to be done between the demo and the release and plans for end-of-life.


Returning To The Series' Origins With Gears Of War E-Day Was The Perfect Idea

By going the prequel route and promising the return of horror elements, Gears of War E-Day has steered the series in the perfect direction.