Namco quiet on Katamari rumours

Namco Bandai has remained quiet on rumours that Beautiful Katamari will be released exclusively on Xbox 360.

The company told Eurogamer this morning that until it announced its plans and a publisher for Europe it couldn't possibly comment on speculation.

Even Microsoft remained tight-lipped, offering no comment on what would surely be a high-profile exclusive-snatch. Then again, it's E3 next month.

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Bebop4735d ago

Which is all fine with me as i wont be picking up my PS3 till XMAS.

original seed4735d ago

I think you'll have to wait longer than x-mas. Since the 360 version will be dropping around that time.

predator4735d ago

dont think it will be timed.

bootsielon4735d ago

It matters just as much as Devil May Cry 4. People that wanted to try something new already did with the first katamari. Fans bought the second one, and the one for PSP. The only thing this will do is get those niche fans to the 360 side, just like DMC4 fans now don't have a reason to choose PS3 over 360 (well, assuming that's the only game they want).

JasonXE4735d ago

title if exclusive. It just adds diversity to a very mixed library coming out this fall. If the reviews are good, then I would not mind picking this up.

BlackIceJoe4735d ago

I am not saying this will happen. But I wonder if Sony was given a chance to have this game or lose it and if they did they later on would get Trusty Bell for the PS3. The only reason I am bringing this up is because a few months back the ESRB had that game listed as a PS3 and 360 game and the last time I checked it was 360 only.

Also if this rumor is true. I have to hand it to MS. They have been getting lots of exclusive games recently and to me that is a smart business move.

Xeoset4735d ago

ESRB was pulled.

The game was originally Multi-Plat. Microsoft snapped it up.

Xbox 360 Exclusive.

Charlie26884735d ago

actually it was originally announced as a 360 exclusive later all hell brakes loose when it was registered to the ESRB under both 360 and PS3 hinting a imminent time exclusive, later after all the forums went insane it mysteriously vanished form the ESRB

Again the game doesn’t even have the "only on xbox 360" well that doesn’t even seem to matter to some publishers remember Enchanted Arms?

also the ESRB is well known to be ahead of official press releases, could they have posted it too early? was a mistake or typo? who knows! but its a third party game, anything can happen

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The story is too old to be commented.