Ace Combat: Joint Assault announced for PSP

-- Featuring accessible and exhilarating gameplay, incredible new benchmark visuals, an engrossing single player campaign and comprehensive online multiplayer options, Ace Combat: Joint Assault will once again remind the world why theAce Combat series is the reigning lord of the virtual skies.

Developed by the renowned Project Aces development team at Namco Bandai Games Inc. in Japan, Ace Combat: Joint Assault is the latest in the acclaimed ACE COMBAT series of flight action games, and the second to appear on PSP following Ace Combat X in 2006. In the brand new Ace Combat: Joint Assault, the nail-biting close-quarters combat and incredible visuals are completely re-designed to deliver maximum intensity and an accessible and fun experience for any fan of flight action.


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Endless_X3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )


Ace Combat: Joint Assault

- Tentative release date: Summer 2010
- Online Multiplayer Mode
- coop for 4 players
- deathmatch for 8 players
- feat. Levels in Tokyo, London, SF
- made by Team Aces

sinncross3600d ago

Sounds good to me, thanks!

Now we just need a PS3 version going.

bruddahmanmatt3600d ago

Attention Namco. I'm still waiting for Ace Combat to make its way to the PS3. I should also add that I'd be more than willing to pay for an Ace Combat Anthology collection that contained 04: Shattered Skies, 5: The Unsung War and Zero: The Belkan War remastered in HD, bonus points if you go through the trouble of including the Japanese release of 3: Electrosphere from the PS1. kthxbai.

darthv723599d ago

My buddie has been saying the same thing. "Where is Ace Combat for ps3???" Sometime I give him a hard time just for fun. Saying things like, get a 360 if you want to play so badly. He knows I am just joking with him.

I am curious though as to why Namco is taking soooo long in releasing an AC for ps3. Given the popularity of the series on the PS brand you would think it should have been out at launch or shortly there after.

ThanatosDMC3599d ago

I'll be getting it but i wish they made a PS3 one. HAWX was fun for co-op but you can solo it easily. The next Ace Combat for the PS3 better be grand with 100+ missions. I mean they have a whole bluray to fill after all and not be hindered by a dvd.

CrimsonFox133599d ago

I've been waiting years for a PS3 Ace Combat. I only have enough to afford one console, and I almost got a 360 because of AC6 (even though I heard it was worse than previous ones). I ended up with a PS3, but I wouldn't have gotten it if there weren't rumors of it being ported. This really sucks.

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Hakimy3599d ago

I think they should concentrate on making a ps3 version instead.well at least my friends who have psp will be happy with this news ;)

Bodster3599d ago

really enjoyed the other ace combat game on psp so i will most likely get this ;)

Shichiro3599d ago

Man we need something new for the 360 or PS3 xD

3599d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.