Medal Of Honor warfare 'sets it apart from COD'

GamesMaster gets hands on with title; "It will surprise you," promises dev

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3601d ago
qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3601d ago

I finally got around to watching The Hurt Locker, a very tense story about an EOD team working in the middle east, and my thoughts are if the MOH team can pin point that same heart pumping thrill of terrorisms random and dangerous method of attack, they'll definitely get good marks.

Being on a convoy team, and inexplicably being ambushed by insurgents will be quite the game...

ATi_Elite3601d ago

If MOH creates a game with tactics and AI strategy that will be a big improvement verses mindless waves of respawned enemies from MW2.

hopefully it won't be so linear as previous titles.

Long wait and see

DarkTower8053601d ago

"mindless waves of respawned enemies from MW2."

Dude, what the heck are you talking about? MW2 had a finite number of enemies, not endless respawning enemies. It's statements like yours that make me think the majority of posters on N4G are just here to troll articles without having played the game/console being discussed.

As I usually have to end my posts here, I'll say to you. THINK BEFORE YOU POST!

sikbeta3601d ago

Call of Honor: Medal of warfare?

Tomkar3601d ago

that sounded way retarded and please dont even compare MoH to CoD, MoH raped it back in the day and will do it now 2

PainisCupcake3601d ago

When did medal of honor ever rape cod? All the good moh's came out before COD1.

bacon133601d ago

I hope MOH can deliver a more "Counterstrike" feel than the arcady MW2. Only time will tell however...

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xAlmostPro3601d ago

i always had faith in this games comeback, and wishes that it will destroy mw2 lol and i know dice are making the multiplayer BUT i dont want it to be the same as battlefield -_- run run run run run shoot shoot dead run run run run run etc. i just hope DICE realise this, but im still super excited for it anyway :) atleast the campaign will kick ass

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The story is too old to be commented.