Poll: PS3 more desirous than Wii in Japan

In an act of poll balance and contrary to a recent Famitsu poll, the PS3 is more popular than Wii according to a recent Amazon Japan poll. PunchJump writes: "The overseas retail division of Amazon.com has published a graph that represents customer interest in each platform, with the 60GB PS3 edging out the Wii. The 20GB PS3 was the least popular among customers."

Add the two PS3 editions together, and sales-wise, the PS3 should outsell Wii by about 33% if the Amazon Japan pollsters are correct. Does a lack of a 360 option mean that Microsoft's console isn't even on the radar anymore?

shotty6514d ago

Seems fake, how could the 2 surveys be so different

THELANDSOFSAND6514d ago (Edited 6514d ago )

isnt this just showing who wants to buy what through amazon.com in japan?

and yes, the 360 is currently struggling in japan, so thats why it wasn't included. Wii will be the japanese console of choice, its everything they want!

Lostboy6514d ago

That's just based on amazon.jp though. I reckon the enormous queues through Tokyo will tell all...
At least I hope so. The Japanese (according to a Japanese friend of mine) crave 'newness' in everything. I'm not sure if PS3 will do the trick

zypher6514d ago

if anything, this poll is more indicative of what the general populace of Japan thinks, as opposed to Fatismu, which is geared specifically towards gamers. in any event they are both just polls: much like analysts' analysis, neither is really concrete proof of what will actually happen.

CAPS LOCK6514d ago

ps3 will do better in japan than wii does. this poll is from everyone who whent to the website and decided to take the survey so that means gamers and non gamers...

oh yea i remember one x-box fanboy(can't remember who though maybe the mart or land of sand) who said wii will dominate japan and x-box would dominate other countries which is bull. ps3 will dominate from 2007-20010 i guarntee u, but x-box will dominate up 2 2007 then their sales will slow down.

THELANDSOFSAND6514d ago (Edited 6514d ago )

um, no, PS3 isn't going to flop and then magically dominate.

it costs too much, the games cost too much, blu ray uses crappy MPEG 2 encoding, its too expensive for developers, the games run poorly and look crappy on the delayed development units, and it has no unified online service.

the wii is cheap, innovative, has lots of developer support and, importantly for the japanese, it's tiny.

the 360 will be gamers choice in USA and europe because of the games and developers on it, which are all extremely popular in the west.

THE TRUTH6514d ago

"the 360 will be gamers choice in USA and europe because of the games and developers on it, which are all extremely popular in the west."

THELANDOFSAND: This is just ignorant, Sony has the best/most talented developers I don't know why you can't give credit where it is due. Furthermore how the hell do you know what is more popular in the USA and europe? Your fanboy talk is so childish...........

Jay da 2KBalla6514d ago

Um no. And anyways its funny how u decide to call someone posts fanboyish when urs is also.

"Sony has the best/talented devs"- dont make me laugh. Perhaps best jap devs but dats it.


"Sony has the best/most talented developers"


okay. shame 99% the games they produce suck!
what sony games are you dying for at launch? hmmm?

you are the one who sounds like a fanboy, where do you get this crap?

Brooklynite6513d ago

europe loves the ps3 so what are you talking bout. ps3 will be under until mid 2007 but start to pick up.price will probably stay but people will have enough time to save up.

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