5 Future FPS to Replace Modern Warfare 2 In Your Life

Connected Consoles writes: The second part of our two part feature. The first was a list of currently released first-person shooters to replace Modern Warfare 2, which has unfortunately been ruined online by glitches and hacks. Now, we're bringing you some future FPS that have the huge potential of replacing your Modern Warfare 2 online experience.

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kevco333592d ago

Well, that's pretty much any FPS as far as I'm concerned...

mjolliffe3592d ago

True, but Brink was just something brilliant when I first saw it (so lucky to be one of the first to see it!)

MasFlowKiller3592d ago

The media hyped MW2 so much that they cant admit the game is a disappointment when compare to MW1 this is the one of the worst COD games.

Broken Online(no memorable maps, unbalance guns, broken matching system)

terrible story, its easy to say that a porn movie has a more fluent and better told story than this game.

at least spec ops is amazing and, if you are not even going to try to make a descent single player campaign IW then just make spec ops missions cause the Airport scene actually move the industry back a year.

i need to get the disambiguating taste of shotgun powder off of my mouth. Going in to match after match were the only weapon been used is the shotguns can kill a game for a man, let not even talk about the private match fiasco, at least that was fix but everyone is still running around with the double shotgun, u cant even tell if they actually fix the balance of the guns.

any FPS would do right about now.

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movements3592d ago

Modern Warfare is a big franchise and it would take a lot of effort to dethrone it.
Good list.

joydestroy3592d ago

BF:BC2 will easily dethrone it.

Cgod3592d ago

Brink looks insane,i cant wait for it!!

Brink and Bad Company 2 im most excited for,ive already played BC2,and i liked it better then MW2,u have to use ur team instead of running and gunning,great game

Ether3592d ago

While the concept of teamwork in BC2 is cool, I really hate it that most of the time your team consists of assholes who just want to get kills. I've only been in a couple of organized squads in the beta.

CyberCam3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

When you meet someone that plays tactically as a group, add them to your friends list... that's what I did (I added 20 new friends from the beta)! Once you reach about 15 friends, you should always have someone tactical to play with, instead of playing with those other lone ranger yoyo's... problem solved!


table3592d ago

Brink and Metro 2033 are the ones that interest me most. The only thing is, how can I replace MW2 when I don't even play it.

CyberCam3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I'm in the same boat... I don't need to replace MW2 either!

BTW... I'm pumped for BFBC2 and I'm very interested in Brink as well as Medal of Honor too (depending how many issues they have on the PS3?).

FwanK3592d ago

Im interesting in seeing how Treyarch will finally surpass IW with the next COD

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The story is too old to be commented.