Who deserves the next music video game?

It was a bit strange to hear the somewhat shocking news that Green Day will be the next band to have a music video game made to incorporate their music discography and likenesses. Moreover, there are probably many people scratching their heads in confusion since they seem a little out of place when compared to other bands that have been given the same honor. Let's be honest, the Beatles, Metallica, AC/DC, Aerosmith and Van Halen all have one thing in common: they're considered legendary to the point of being regarded as rock Gods. Whereas Green Day are a largely popular band (this is partially due to the success of their American Idiot album), however they are not considered on the level of any of the other bands. But, we here at G3 are not here to discuss Green Day's upcoming Rock Band game, instead we would like to point out which legendary bands should deserve a music video game, mostly because of musical skill, lyrical content and overall greatness of the band.

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nogolis4820d ago

Greenday and their 3 chords... Yeah, that'll go over really well. What is this Guitar hero 4: tykes? There's a lot more to guitar than Power Chords and opens. Greenday couldn't outplay Nickleback to save their record contracts... That's how generic they are.

LukeA4820d ago (Edited 4820d ago )

That's a huge call, considering that every Nickleback song sounds the same. But I completely agree with you, Green Day are well past their sell by date.

Murgatroyd74820d ago

More generic than Nickleback? That's a tough call. Green Day has at least had a couple of hits...but it's too bad that their most popular song was in 1994.

Feral Gamer4820d ago

I think enough is enough with these music games. Aren't they just the same thing over and over? Why not listen to your iPods instead of "playing" the song?

Rockox4820d ago

I surprisingly had alot of fun with DJ Hero, but my overall interest in these music games is waning...

Murgatroyd74820d ago

Playing a Radiohead game would just put me to sleep. In fact, I actually have fallen asleep while playing one or two of their songs on Rock Band/Guitar Hero. Same goes for Coldplay. As for Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Deep Purple...I wouldn't be able to stand listening to them for that long. Velvet Underground is okay, but I don't know if they have enough good songs to make a decent game. My vote goes to Queen, although Harmonix supposedly already has something in the works for them.

Honestly, though, I think these band-specific games are getting ridiculous. I'd rather just have direct sequels. If they really need spin-offs, then they should be genre-specific instead. I would kill for Anti-Folk Rock Band.

tehk1w14820d ago

I know a lot of people hate on Dragonforce, but hell, an ENTIRE game of ridiculously hard songs?

Sign me up please.

Blaster_Master4820d ago

They need to dedicated a guitar hero or rock band to Pantera, specifically Dime Bag Darrell RIP. The only band bigger then Pantera is Metallica, and thats because they are more mainstream then anything. I would also like to see a mudvayne and Slipknot one too.

LukeA4820d ago

Oh man, a Pantera Guitar Hero would be so friggin awesome. Imagine 'Walk' on Expert, cranked to max volume...

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The story is too old to be commented.