God Of War 3 Is Microsofts New Nightmare

The God Of War 3 screens are here and the PS3 has proved to be the number one console in terms of sheer quality. The screenshots released today are incredible but still, nothing compares to seeing this game in motion and once the video is finally released to the public.

Microsofts nightmare will very well begin because there's nothing on the market that has shown the capabilities of Next Gen Power such as the upcoming God Of War 3.


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ps3hasonlyflopgames3596d ago

wow..another pathetic article of HHG..

btw sony New Nightmare is halo reach.


ZombieAutopsy3596d ago

You bots are sad making new accounts daily.

Karooo3596d ago

till november for reach, yawn halo will be finally at 720p yipee.

TheTeam063596d ago

You mean like:

Halo 3 was? (Beat out by COD4)
Halo Wars was? (Beat out by... itself)
Halo: ODST was? (Beat out by pretty much everything)

What's Halo Reach gonna be like? I think I know.

The same thing. Why constantly rely on yet another Halo? Must be a sad lineup...

3596d ago
el zorro3596d ago

Halo Wars was a freakin RTS for crying out loud and it still beat Killzone 2.

All the hating you guys do on Halo only shows how jealous of it you are. Halo Reach will be the biggest and one of the best games of 2010. Keep on living in your secret PS3 fantasy world, but that won't change reality.

Ilikegames763596d ago

first party games are Microsoft's nightmare.

The Killer3596d ago

keep up the spirit HHG!! u say a lot of BS and a lot of sense and a lot of funny things!!

4point7BillionLoss3596d ago

God of war will sell 3maybe 4 million

Halo reach will sell 6 million on the first day of sales ..d go over 10 easy ...

Microsoft are quacking in their boots ... lol

GUCommander3596d ago

lol. Halo 3 and ODST have proven that the Halo series is in a decline.

avengers19783596d ago

We were not worried about the first Halo, or the second, or the the third, or any verastion of the game and Reach is no different. The fact remains the same there are more games for PS3 and better games for PS3. and Reach looks nowhere close to as good as God of War and that game is supposed to be xbox's new engine showing where there games are going to be for the foreseeable future. Which is still behind sony.

Pirateogta3595d ago

A decline? Definitely not in sales. Halo 3 has sold nearly 11 million copies to date. ODST sold 2 million in 24 hours. Halo 3 also has a 94 on MetaCritic, so it definitely hasn't declined in quality either. Unless it declined from mindblowing to incredible... And I believe ODST is somewhere in the mid 80s on MetaCritic. That's pretty great for what you PS3 fanboys call a $60 DLC expansion.

TheTeam063595d ago

Seriously? "Still beat"?

Halo Wars came out around the same time and is still in the 1 millions... Killzone 2 passed that.

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moneybuyseverything3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Looks like revenge to me and utter BS. Trying to save face. LOL members of his site are trying to approve the story to force the issue. Next week's show will have a header saying "OMG this 360 game shows the 360 can hang and PS3 is in trouble" So is HHG looking/watching a different build of the game, because some people playing it disagree with him.

LtSkittles3596d ago

No, it will be something pro-sony.

moneybuyseverything3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Yeah I agree but the media will be focused on games on the 360 next week because the media will be buzzing on new 360 game reveals so he will go with the flow and try to make predictions sort of borrowed from others based on what they're talking about. If enough people are saying OMG! he'll be there changing up his tone and view point.

nogolis3596d ago

HHG isn't smart enough to come up with his own opinion or conclusion for that matter. He's a controlled puppet who'd sell his soul for some attention... That and someone to spin those absurd plastic belts he carries around. HHG, how old are you, 30...? Wrestling is fake, man. Games aren't real and selling out is about all you're good at. You live up to that name "HIP HOP" because all rappers and hip hoppers have sold out a time or ten in their lives.

Keep it real~

Chris3993596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

"Looks like revenge to me and utter BS. Somebody is angry MSFT has been showing their AAAs," before you stealth edited it.

Your cowardice aside - multiple account spammer (created about 3 days ago now) - your attitude as well as this article doesn't really contribute much towards the community. I don't understand who "wins" anything at the end of the day. Unless you work for MS or Sony, or have shares in their business, I don't get all the hate.

Both systems have games coming out this year that will appeal and sell to their audiences. I prefer Sony's lineup on account of the JRPGs, but I am eagerly anticipating whatever Sagkaguchi and/ or Feelplus (See yesterday's announcement) are cooking up on the 360. It would be nice if gamers could be more of a community instead of rival sports fans cheering for their teams. Both HD consoles have passed the 30 million mark and each of their respective companies is heavily invested in their future. Neither the PS3, nor the 360, or their games are going anywhere.

$hit yesterday, MS even managed to COMPLIMENT Sony on their vision: "There’s still plenty of power available in the Xbox 360, there’s still plenty of power available in the [Sony] PlayStation 3." If that isn't historic, I don't know what is. The "journalists" who are making these flame-fests as well as the rest of you, might to jump on the bandwagon.

@below. I said that the journalists making these incendiary posts, might want to get with the program too. That was directed at HHG and his like. I also made reference to the article itself in the opening part of my post.

@Money. I'm not the one who spends my life posting fanboy rhetoric on N4G. The only "upset" person is you. For your own sake, you should realize that. We're not close enough for you to have any sort of emotional hold over me. Over-estimating one's personal relationships is a sign of dissociative disorders. Just saying. Peace.

nogolis3596d ago

Chirs, you bash Money for his opinion and say he's a fanboy this and that but you don't think what HHG is doing isn't fanboyish? C'mon... Also, Microsoft might have commented on sony and gave them some hand but they also trashed Nintendo in the same breath. How's that anything but playing favorites? They have a new system built around motion tech coming out... Nintendo is the only one in town even associated with motion controls right now. Why would Microsoft praise their direct Natal Competition? Sony's Wand is an up hill battle all together, Microsoft knows that. Don't be silly. Microsoft needs to distance themselves as far from Nintendo as possible right now.

They're [email protected], just like Nintendo and Sony... Oh, and HHG.

moneybuyseverything3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Neah, the edited version is not as explosive thank you. Same thing lol Still upset from a week ago, looking for revenge after I called you out on your blatant 360 bash fest in 360 articles?
Anyways HHG articles are like tabloids.


Chris is just angry I called out when he was trolling 360 articles, he's been after me ever since.

ico923596d ago

HHGS fooled me yet again

el zorro3596d ago

Hiphopgamer, man you overhype everything. I don't care if it's when you are hyping something on the 360 or on the PS3, but you just overhype too damn much.

I'm sure God of War 3 will be a good game for Ps3 owners, but the 360 also has some huge games in 2010, so let's keep it a little more balanced, eh?

JonnyBadfinger3596d ago

Am i the only person here who finds God of War childish?
Seriously whats so special about ripping someones head off?

But to be fair i havent played any of the God of War games, so i cant really say much. That being said i would never buy the game anyway, let alone buy a PS3 for it. Dont like the whole asian 3rd person swing your sword around real fast crap games, they are a button mashers game. probably why 8 year olds are so good at it.

Though visually the game looks to be on par with UC2(another game i would not buy)

AAACE53596d ago

Are these kinds of articles really necessary?

People just like to stir the pot I guess. Wasn't Uncharted 2 suppose to be the game that ended it all like a tactical nuke in MW 2?

Just give it a rest. People will love it, and the world will continue moving as normal!

Venatus-Deus3596d ago

It’s funny because you have an well known extreme fanboy with a new account (aka Whydis, wewon etc etc) being defended by what appears to by another new account with a pro 360 comment history.

I hope to god you are a paid employee of MS conducting a pro 360 viral marketing campaign. That would be a cool job while any other scenario doesn't make you look great.

FamilyGuy3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Sony has pulled the January 18th newest/final build trailer of GOW3 that HHG and N'Gai saw. They were supposed to be receiving said video on the 18th but sony has changed its mind and the hiphopgamer wants us to go to the official sony blog and beg for it in masses so they might change their minds.

All you here bickering over nothing when this ^ was the most important part of the video. :(

vhero3596d ago

HHG hosted by Ning now? guess his old host dropped him... wonder

chewmandinga3596d ago

"Seriously whats so special about ripping someones head off?"'s awesome?

lelo2play3596d ago

First i was.... hummmm.

then i saw ... hiphopgamershow.

... Then... never mind...

Venatus-Deus3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Now that the collection is out, both GoW games hold up on their own against 90% of games in this generation. Playing both back to back is a must for any gamer who didn’t catch up with them on PS2.

It’s not so much the violence (IMO), but rather the combination, gameplay, story and puzzles. The balance is just right and although other games do things better individually, it the whole package that’s rocks with this franchise.

Personally I felt that the first hour of GoW1 does feel slightly dated, however that game is 10 times better at the finish than at the start, so the pacing is perfect.

I too couldn’t care less about ripping peoples head off in III; however I do want the same combination of game mechanics that was so successful in the first two.

Many years ago I had a MegaDrive and a SNES. I now have a Wii, Ps3 and 360. Just buy a ps3. play U2. play MGS4. play K2. love them, and STFU.

topdawg1223596d ago

Haters, give it up, I don't think HHG is goin nowhere. Good vid and yeah GOW 3 makes the PS3 the "God" among consoles again.

cyberwaffles3596d ago

"Am i the only person here who finds God of War childish?
Seriously whats so special about ripping someones head off? "

wasn't aware children could rip off heads, if that's what you're implying.

Saaking3596d ago

GOWIII > anything else (except TLG)

lh_swe3596d ago

It's going to take a lot to trump what Uncharted 2 achieved, I mean that game was just out of this world, but yes if any games could one up Uncharted it'd be GoW III or as you said The Last Guardian.

nycredude3596d ago


No offense but Bash HHG all you want but at least he is trying to do his thing and put his stamp on the industry. What do you and all these people bashing do spend all day on N4g trying to assert your meaningless opinions as facts on other people who don't give a shiat what you think. Fact is they have seen more than us and although you may disagree with them, they are more in a position to talk then you, or anyone else who hasn't seen what they have seen.

Ausbo3596d ago

as good as god of war will be, it will not be a nightmare to microsoft. Microsoft doesn't care about the quality of their competitors games, they care if they move systems. I don't see god of war selling more than 3 million. That is a great number for sony but in order for microsoft to be scared about moving systems, this would have to sell halo numbers.

Perkel3596d ago

i watched title and i thought it's gamingbolt or HHG .. well ..

HHG with gamingbolt should be banned from this site...

beans3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

HHg is nothing more than a instigator. GOW3 looks amazing and will be a great game for the PS3 and it's fanbase.

Edit below darth: So true and great post. have a bubbles

darthv723596d ago

Let me explain. When you hear the name "playstation" the first thing most people think of is gran tourismo because it is the game that set the playstation brand on fire. Throw in games like FF7 and Tekken and ace combat and the list goes on and on. Most don't think God of War. They would think of Madden before that. Godof War is a great franchise but it is NOT a system seller like GT is.

When you think of xbox you immediately think of Halo because it is the game that made the xbox. GoW is not the game that made the PS. As much as many would like to believe that this is the saving grace, the ps3 doesnt need saving. It is just fine on its own. Every big hyped title since the ps3 launch has been given the same designation as the 360 killer or something to that nature.

It almost seems as if the diehard onesiders can't come to terms that there is good to be had on both platforms. They CAN coexist and people CAN play games on both and not feel like they must ridicule the opposition. This gen is by far THE WORST of ANY console generation and we can thank the internet for creating the worlds biggest soap box that everyone can stand on.

While you all scream which is better, I am trying to scream over you to shut up and just play the games.

Naucious3596d ago

I got a lot of friends that own xbox360's and they always give me a hard time about the games i have and what i dont have because i own a PS3, but one thing that most gamers, from the casual and the hardcore, to all of my friends alike,.... they say... if their was any game they want to have on the Xbox360 it would have to be GOW3.

1. IT's Badass, eveyone loves a badass character, for Xbox it's Master Chief or Marcus Fenix, Why do you think the games sold so well?? I kno the games are good but I (Keyword: I) do believe that theirs some type of personal connection people have with a playable character in order for them to want to play it so much. Which is why theirs is always high demand for a sequel or what not. GOW3 has it's own badass character that in truth puts them all too shame. Thats one thing some Xbox fans cant deny. I even wonder to myself have i even heard an xbox fan bash GOW3 in these past couple years on N4G which i honestly havent seen but like always i can be wrong.

2. Violence. Sorry to say it but America thrives off violence, we have the highest tolerance for it IMO. Gears of War.. everyone went crazy knowing you could chainsaw people in half or curb stomp their head in. DO I need to say GTA4?? Now you have GOW3 which just so happens to be short of a Teen rating please excuse my sarcasm...

3.Action adveture... GOW3 has got to be one of the best action adventure platform games coming out this gen, and right now their is no competitor, not on 360 or Wii (Unless you wanna call Mario Badass lmao sorry couldnt help myself). In fact i do believe MS is in the works creating some type of rival against GOW3, that shows u how MS believes GOW3 is a good game and santa monica studios should be honored. All these halo and Gears of war fans will get tired eventually and would like to move on from their everday shooter and move to a different genre game, and my guess GOW3 looks mighty good right now. I love my shooters but eventually i get tired of them and move to something else, Im a true gamer i play all genres.

I'm not stating that GOW3 will blow out sales or even rank in the top 10 in sales, but everyone cant deny GOW3.(Keyword: Everyone) It's like that Gay cousin you have lol you cant deny that he's family. What I'm saying is this is what most 360 and Wii fans would be wanting the most if they had a chance to steal an exclusive. This could also be a reason of a boost in PS3 sales should you cant resist any longer, for those that dont have a PS3.

Lastly, I kno a lot of people rag on hiphop gamer, and we all know we cant rely on facts with him but keep in mind he's just stating his opinion on video just like we do on these forums, and it may not be news to you but it might be news to his fans. But he does strike an interesting case at the end, he's trying to help us protest in posting the trailer which all fans of the game should do in the first place.....

sorry for the long winded text but as you can see im amped off of mountain dew and viagra right now....

DaTruth3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Nogolis is mad because his three sites never made it. Stop hating, you do the same thing in every N4G post!

It was about one second after I pushed the play button that I realized what it was; But it was all good because I was feeding my daughter and for some reason she was enjoying the show and allowing me to get in some stealth spoonfuls!

@Johnny Butterfinger:Blood and guts are childish? Would you let your kids watch porn too?

mfwahwah3595d ago


Totally agree. Except that people DO bash GoW (not sure on N4G, but other sites). They say garbage like "Enjoy buying your rehash. All the games are the same. LOL BUTTON MASH XD XD." These same people adore Bayonetta and buy up all the other "rehashes" like MW2, though, so **** them.

I just wish more people could stop talking about HHG and instead focus on WHAT HE TALKS ABOUT.

GoW3 looks like those screen shots but in motion. That's some serious eye candy.

He mentioned Agent is something to look forward to. Cool, that's the most I've heard since it was announced.

GoW3 bundle with limited edition PS3 pretty much confirmed.

January 18th we get no video and we should make it known we want one. WHO CARES IF HHG SAID IT, THE INFO IS OUT THERE NOW!

I don't like half the people on N4G. In fact I hate a lot of them. I still read most of their posts because they might say something that changes my perspective or fills me in on something I didn't know. You hate HHG? Cool, stop ****ing clicking on the link and you have no problems. Nobody cares about seeing "OH WAIT IT'S HHG I'M NOT GONNA WATCH IT!" That contributes nothing to the discussion, and has been in every HHG article posted.

Steve_03595d ago

Jonny - Im curious, Just what games do you enjoy? Because personally I think that Uncharted /2 are both awesome games in almost every aspect, And although I can't vouch for GOW, from what I've heard and seen it's a quality series, i'm not too fond of those hack n slash games, but I might pick up the collection from what ive heard about it. Im not bashing, I can understand opinion and preferances, but I can't Imagine a gamer not enjoying Uncharted to a certain extent, Its just got that pulp action adventure "Indiana jones" feel to it that pretty much everyone likes.

exnihilonihilfit3595d ago

Now I agree that HHG is a fanboy and I avoid him at all costs (though his titles always suck me in), but the suggestion that GOWIII isn't a system seller is a joke. I know anecdotal evidence isn't proof of anything, but I know at least 2 friends who don't have a system and when deciding between Xbox and PS3 they pointed out GOW3 as the main reason why they feel they have to get a PS3, and I have one friend who has an Xbox and is going to buy a PS3 because of it, and another friend who had an Xbox and already bought a PS3 because of GOWIII and Heavy Rain. GOW was one of the biggest games last gen, and it goes to show that many of these Xbox fan boys did not play it because they don't even know what it's about.

@Johnny, GOW is a western game. It's about a Greek God, and has nothing to do with the Japanese. It feels nothing like a typical Japanese Hack and Slash game. The game is recognized not just because of it's good visuals, and it's hack and slash game play, but for it's well crafted story and most importantly it's rather crafty puzzle platforming. Clearly you're just a fanboy who doesn't like the game because it's not on your system. If you knew anything about the story of GOW then you would know that ripping someone's head off is in keeping with the character and is part of the game play (the guy is Helios, God of the Sun, his head shines a revelatory light upon hidden objects). If neither GOWIII nor UC2 appeal to you, then what kind of gamer are you anyway? Your statement has fanboy written all over it.

I'm not one to disparage the Xbox, Reach and ME2 are going to be awesome, but that GOWIII will be flat out amazing is undeniable, and It's sad that so many people won't be able to appreciate the game just because they feel like it threatens the system to which they are more loyal.

Persistantthug3595d ago

exnihilonihilfit said, "If neither GOWIII nor UC2 appeal to you, then what kind of gamer are you anyway?"

exnihilonihilfit said, "I'm not one to disparage the Xbox, Reach and ME2 are going to be awesome, but that GOWIII will be flat out amazing is undeniable, and It's sad that so many people won't be able to appreciate the game just because they feel like it threatens the system to which they are more loyal."

_____________________________ _______________________________ _____________

I agree so much that it's not even funny.
I mean, there's only so much lying one can do before you are justifiably called out on it. Anyone who says Uncharted 2 AND GOD OF WAR 3 are no good, I have no business talking with them, they are unreasonable and not worth my or anyone elses time. What kind of Gamer is that?

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CharlesDCI3596d ago

Damn good video. Good job HHG

facelike3596d ago

I like the part where he goes "man if you don't buy this, I gonna put my foot up in yo ass!!!"

I'm on the floor laughing!!

ShinRyuHadoken3596d ago

@Citizen King

Agreed, Good video and HHG got some point here once again. 360fans will respect the PS3 more. Cause it does so many things. And it got great exclusives. Im not saying they will jump on the PS3 although some does. But most of 360 fans will never jump out the pool they are die hard 360 fans.

nogolis3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Watch the video to the end? Nah, don't think so. In fact, I won't watch the video past the advert. Thanks, though.

Hip Hop, I think you've spun yourself silly with those plastic WWE belts, man. Time to grow up a bit.

Simon_Brezhnev3596d ago

lol people like you are the ones who make him famous maybe you should grow up with comments like that

FamilyGuy3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

"A fool and his money are soon parted"
"A fool and his opinion are soon ignored"

There wasn't even an "advert" fool, and the end of the video was important.

mfwahwah3595d ago

So you didn't watch the video and you just want to bash HHG? Send him a private message.

Or do you just want attention or something?

pixelsword3595d ago


At any rate, nice episode, I just noticed that he's calling the weekday vids "vidicles" again; it kinda grows on you in time.

At any rate, I want to experience this game very badly as I own the original two and completed them and I want to see if I'm right as far as the ending of the series being the end of the greek era and the beginning of the Christian era beginning with the birth of Christ.

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SinfulKnight3596d ago

There isn't anything in this video. Just a Fanboy talking trash.

cyclindk3596d ago

There isn't anything in this comment. Just a Fanboy talking trash.

Blackcanary3596d ago

If you watched the end you would know that sony is not going to show the GOW 3 trailer at on the 18th of Jan the ending was very important dum ass.