European Virtual Console Hits 100 - F-Zero X!

Just two weeks ago we were celebrating that the US Wii Virtual Console service amassed classic 100 titles, and now our European friends have gotten their 100th title - N64 hit F-Zero X!

In addition to the futuristic racer, Europe also gets the comedy platformer J.J. & Jeff, originally seen on the TurboGrafx-16, for 600 Wii Points. Not a bad week at all for Europe... now I just wonder when the US will get F-Zero X.

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ChickeyCantor4739d ago

omg omgh omg amg.......

this titel rocks =D

PS360WII4739d ago

yeah it's a good one ^^

now see why can't the other consoles give us something every week. Sure the Wii doesn't give us something that we may want every week but it's still something!! I don't know it's just frustrating that's all