Can't Wait To Play Halo: Reach? These Four Games Should Keep You Busy until Then

News concerning Halo: Reach have been incessantly pouring onto the internet and with every video, every screenshot that is revealed, gamers keep getting thirstier by the minute to get play the highly anticipated title. Well if you're one of them we've got bad and good news. The bad news is that you'll have to wait 9-10 long months to get your hands on the game, the good news? We've listed four other top games that'll quench your thirst while you wait.

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okmrman3592d ago

i can wait ^_^. im very patient :)

looking for the trolls to come in. they hate the 360 and anything halo, but they love the 360 articles.

Halo3 MLG Pro3592d ago

They just hate the fact that they still don't have a Halo killer. Killzone 2 was their main horse but failed miserably. Just jealousy. Halo Reach looks to easily destroy the entire ps3 catalog.

execution173592d ago

because all you 360 fanboys only have halo?
on a further note stfu up and play games

Cyrax_873592d ago

Serious question, have you even played a game that isn't Halo? It's always Halo this and Halo that. We get it, you like Halo, but saying KZ2 failed is just rediculous. Sony may not literally have "Halo" but Modern Warfare and KZ2 are just as good for FPS.

duplissi3592d ago

@halo mlg pro

you must truly lead a sad sad life... i pity you.

silvacrest3592d ago

why do we need a halo killer when we have so many great games and such variety but by all means cling to halo like its the second coming

also LOL @ 1 and 1.1 talking about trolls, the irony...its to much

SoX FireBlade3592d ago

I hate it when they bash Halo

just say that you didn't like it

don't say it sux

and I don't think there is something called a game-killer

DelbertGrady3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

You're no better than the trolls when you act like an instigator.

Instead of stooping to their level stay on topic and comment about the article.

EvilBlackCat3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Killzone 1 & Killzone 2 SUCK

You hate Halo because is a Microsoft product and its not in the catalog of your favorite console (PlayStation).

Now I the one who owns consoles and PC who also played BOTH Killzone can really say KILLZONE SUCK.

I prefer a Movie, TV Series, Anime, Action Figures, Comic Books, & Novels than what the boring story and characters of Killzone can give you.

Come tell me that the story and universe of Killzone is better than what Halo offer COME ON.

There is 2 Movies that i cant wait to see based on a video game: Halo & Mass Effect.

So please explain me why Killzone is the sh!t.
Please explain me why the story is so interesting.
Please break a leg and convince me to change my opinion about Killzone.

You just get hyped by the media about a boring story, world, universe & characters in a game with great graphics and come here to pretend is the sh!t.

So for me right there is a FAIL and YES the game FAILED for what have been hyped.

But of course i have an opinion right now and many are going to disagree with me NOT because they are real gamers with a good sense of what a great game should be but because they are fanboys of a single console.

Major Kanimo3592d ago

if they hate let them hate as long as the fear HALO REACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bruddahmanmatt3592d ago

Damn, I was waaaaayyyyy off. I thought they were going to say that you could go and play Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo: ODST while you wait for Reach. Shows how much I know.

Eamon3592d ago

okmrman, lol, that comment was funny. Bubbles.

Halo Reach is definately my most anticipated title of 2010. Then it's God of War III next.

Good thing GoW3 comes out a lot earlier. Saving the best till last ;P

Rockox3592d ago

There are so many games coming out between now and then that I'm interested in, I have no problem waiting. In addition to the ones mentioned in the article, there's AVP, the Dragon Age expansion, Alan's going to be a busy year.

Saaking3591d ago

There so many great games coming out all across the year. Needless to say, it's a great year.

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xx SgtP3pp3r xx3592d ago

Looking forward to the online aspects of Splinter Cell, had a great time with the last one on Live. B:BC2 is my hope for FPS come March after trading in the horrible and over rated (in my opinion) MW2. I'll wait for ME:2 to go down in price unless I get caught up in the hype. The first one was pretty good after all.

mjolliffe3592d ago

Reach will be awesome, and every single other game will be as well :)

movements3592d ago

I'm really looking forward to Reach...

3592d ago
BeaArthur3592d ago

I'm assuming this was written for Xbox 360 owners because he left out some great PS3 games coming out. Great list though. I would be willing to say that Mass Effect 2 alone could keep me busy until Reach but I am also looking forward to Splinter Cell and I will probably check out Bad Company 2 as well.

RockmanII73591d ago

I thought the same thing, but if you 'Can't wait to play Halo Reach' you probably own a 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.