Interplay Resurrecting Classic RPG On The Wii

Interplay announced today that they're reviving one of the games from their heyday. They're partnering with Alpine Studios to create a Wii game based on the role-playing game Stonekeep.

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Jamescagney3590d ago

I'd prefer an updated version of Dungeon Master, I loved that game.

Cajun Chicken3590d ago

Dammit. For crying out loud, just make MDK3!!!

asdr3wsfas3590d ago

I wanted old fallout. Real fallout, not the hackneyed writing and illusion of choice in fallout 3. Or the abysmal ending. It was a good game but when you take the strengths of fallout and make them the weakest parts of the game it stops being a spiritual sequel.

I can't wait for new vegas =(

hay3590d ago

* hugs oobob *
Sh*t man, I'm glad I'm not the only one found, in this Fallout 3 praising crazyness, that game isn't worthy of Fallout title.

Feral Gamer3590d ago

I loved Fallout 3! I can't wait for New Vegas!

Cute hedgehog! My neighbors had hedgehogs and we babysat them for a couple months while they were in Florida for the winter, they're fun!

asdr3wsfas3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

New vegas is made by obsidian, where a lot of the original fallout people went. I hope to god they still have that magic. Did you play the original fallouts? They're totally different types of games. Basically fallout has the best writing and most open ended options in a video game. If you set your intelligence to 1 you get entirely new dialogue options cause you're retarded. Every city has an ending in fallout 2 and some have multiple (new reno has 3 + additional content if you play it right).

My hedgehog just bit me because I kept waking him up. He hardly ever balls up though. He looks almost exactly like the pic but fatter, hence cuter. The one drawback is this one poos and pisses on his wheel and keeps running in it...

Back to punchout, time for mac's last stand. If you haven't played fallout 1 or 2 try them sometime. The isometric stuff is a turn off but the writing and actual choices destroy.

reaferfore203590d ago

Fallout 3 on PC with all the mods you can download turn it into an entirely different game. Not as cool storywise as Fallout 1-2 but still pretty awesome compared to console versions. Being able to powerfist-F(_)ck a hooker is pretty hilarious IMO.

The ending in Fallout 3 made me not ever want to play that game again. I was so pissed it just ended with a little 1 minute video and nothing else. Then my friend showed me all the mods he had for the PC version and I had to get it.

mastiffchild3590d ago

I'm totally with oobob and hay over this one. I'm constantly baffled by the OTT praise heaped on FO3. The first two falloout games were so much deeper and atmospheric that it, honestly, to me feels like a completely different series entirely.

The storyline of the earlier games is just put together with so much more thought and isn't full of plot holes or so twee about it's ending-it just feels like Bethesda's effort dumbed it all down a little(including the humour) a little.

Also I don't recall another game that gets the praise FO3 does failing so badly in it's aims. I was really hyped for it's release having been a big fan of the series and even more keen when I started to learn more about it. It was going to really splice the FPS and RPG elemeents inrto something truly new! Bu when I suck it in the console what did I find?Wonky aiming on the FP controls(seriously, wtf was the aiming about? Fair enough, make the degraded weapons a bit hit and miss but not ALL the aiming with everything. When I aim at somethings head I really wan to, y'know, hit it's damn hed sometimes.)and a VATS system that borders on being totally arbitrary. Not to mention it often felt like someone from Cyrodil having a futuristic nightmare with all the instanxces where you felt like you were in an alternate universe ES4! how much did they recycle? Actors, repainted scenery(like the village panto would do)-the short cuts were everywhere-not to mention Bethesda doing their patented "let the punters pay for the game and then do our QA for us " performance leaving it equally as buggy
(if not worse) than their previous WRPG.

I know it looks like it but even with it's issues I wouldn't say it was a bad game at all-no, it was pretty good, excellent in places, but was it a Fallout game? No, let alone a good Fallout game. It was a decent and entertaining RPG which felt deliberately limited in scope, levelling and length to accommodate the DLC packs they had lined up(and that all, predictably, shipped with just as many glitches and bugs). It was OK but never in a million years was it a GOTY contender in my eyes.

I know it's a difficult position to have a pop at a game that was so loved by so many but I don't think many people had played either of it's predecessors to compare and, I think, I'd be more fond of it if I hasn't so I kind of understand why they like it as they do-even if I still think GOTY leanings are still very OTT for a game with so many issues of it's own.

Anyway, I've lost track of who, of the original FO teams, now work where but I'm still interested in this from Interplay-though I never played the original and just hope this is up to the quality I associate with Interplay. Don't hang me for not loving Fallout3 , though, as I think quite a few older fans of theseries felt a bit like me as well.

And oobob, how do you end up with your own hedgehog? We have a family of them(or did last year til hibernation time)that visit our garden sometimes(the little ones usually walk in a line between two big ones that we, in our human way, like to think are mum and dad!)who we put out water and dog food for. Five of them altogether there were and we really hope to see them back about in the spring. Having one of your own to look after, though, is it because he's albino and wouldn't be safe in the wild? Whatever, the missus is almost as jealous as she would be if you lived with a polar bear cub(which is jealous, believe me!).

asdr3wsfas3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

A lot of FO people ended up at obsidian and they're making fallout: new vegas, so let's hope that ends up well.

I don't get GOTY for fallout. The graphics were horrible (I have the ps3 version and they're abysmal), the art direction sucks (yeah plants live at Chernobyl it didn't need to be solid brown), the story and writing were terrible, and the game mechanics sucked. In the original hitting enemies in the eyes did something. Here I cripple their heads and nothing happens. And why are super mutants retards and ghouls zombies? Lenny was sophisticated! Mass Effect kills this game on every level badly. It may have been a good game but certainly not GOTY and for almost everyone who played the original fallout it was a joke.

Breeders sell pet hedgehogs. Are you in the UK? Breeders essentially sell the African kind modified over time. They're illegal some places in the US but elsewhere you can find a couple people selling them. Some kid bought ours for a dorm before realizing he couldn't keep it and we bought it off him.

They're still pretty wild animals given they've only been bred 20 years but some of them now are real friendly. Ours hardly ever balls up and only bites when I wake him up over and over (understandable, they sleep all day and hate it). Ours has essentially been bred to die in the wild since breeding tempered a lot of his protective instincts.

Also, I live in Iowa, this thing needs temperature of 70-80 since it's african and it would die immediately in this cold. It gets -30 with wind-chill here.

So if you want one, you may be able to buy an african variety from a breeder. The european ones are endangered IIRC correctly and they're pretty unsociable so there's almost no choice unless you set up a rescue for them. Ours is that color too but he's not actually albino, he has blue eyes and is a cute and snuffly little guy ;)

That's really nice of you to put out food!

My hedgehog loves running on his wheel, they just sit there and run for hours. It's very clearly how the idea for sonic came up. Check for breeders nearby...even if you can't find one you may be able to volunteer at a rescue! Some are totally uncivilized and never even unroll but if you get a good breeder they can be real friendly.

Usually if there's a breeder nearby you can buy ones from people who can't take care of them on craigslist, which is preferable as it controls the population. But be careful - they often kill each other and if you want multiple without babies you need 2 girls. Buy a dremel and big tupperware - I have 3 clothes containers assembled into a big house for my hedgehog and he hardly even uses the third room!

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SpoonyRedMage3590d ago


It's good if developers can keep costs down and do stuff like this.

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