Dragon Quest IX Joins Japan's Greatest Hits (Best)

Starting March 4th, Dragon Quest IX will finally be joining Japan's Best, also known as Greatest Hits in the United States, and dropped the price from ¥5,980 to ¥2,940.

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WildArmed3594d ago

gah, i wish this would come out on a console. I'm not a fan of handhelds.
I loved DQ8, it was awesome, played it over 8 times. I was quite disappointed to hear that DQ won't be coming out on a HD console (or last gen console).

Noctis Aftermath3593d ago

DQX is coming out on the Wii this year if i remember correctly, DQ has never been a heavily graphic orientated franchise so i doubt they would start now.

3593d ago
indiemike3593d ago

Is it just me, or are there even any "greatest hits" for Nintendo platforms in the US?

I don't remember seeing any platinum hits or anything this generation. They rarely drop the prices on first party titles.

kingdavid3593d ago

Probably cos they keep selling.

Wii fit and mario kart wii are not slowing down at their current price.

3593d ago
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