God of War III Won't Live up to its Hype

With all the hype surrounding God of War III is it possible that some PS3 owners are creating a larger-than-life representation of an otherwise above-average game? Explicit Gamer chimes in with their opinions on the subject.

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Nitrowolf23600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

That demo he played is from E3 Thats so long ago, This guy is late for the demo bashing that was happening awhile ago.Allot could change in such a great amount of time they had, can't say the graphics will stay the same either for all the time they had to improve on them.

Trebius3600d ago

Just another loser butt-hurt cause the 360 has no games...

take it with a grain of salt :)

GoW3 is going to be as good as 1 and 2, so there IS no hype.

Its destined to be good.

Crazyglues3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I think far too often we just automatically shut someone down because we don't agree with their view..

Sometimes it makes no sense what they are saying, but sometimes they have a very valid point..

I too agree with some things he said, yes it is just like GOW2 they really didn't change the gameplay, but I think the problem is these game makers get scared at the thought of changing gameplay..

who wants to be the team that messed the whole game up.. so they tend to go the safe route... so I can understand that complaint.

And yes Graphics have been so blown out of proportion I don't think the game could impress no matter what they did. (I mean you got comments like jaffe saying it looks like Beowulf the movie, really, come on' how in the world could it...) So expectations get ridiculous...

it looks like an HD version of GOW2 - I wasn't that impressed either and I'm a fan of the series... They could have got really bold and went crazy on Graphics but they played it safe and just did an HD of what you saw in GOW2..

(of course this is not the final game but come on do you really think the game is going to look that much different from the demo)-people always say that and the game always looks just like the demo did, a few months in not enough time to change the whole Graphics of a game..

just looks at Uncharted 1 demo- same graphics as in the game, COD4 demo - same graphics as in the game, Battlefield beta -same graphics as in the game.. GT5p demo - you get the idea.

People do you see a patten here.. Graphics don't really change from what you are seeing in the demo, maybe a slight touch up, but you will never see some super graphic improvement.. there just is not enough time to do that from the time when a demo is released.

GOW3 will be a good game if you liked part 2 you should like part 3 they did a few things here and there, not much but I'll wait until the final game to see if they can really do anything seriously amazing.

-I don't think they will, the fact that they didn't add multi-player and online play you would think that would mean it's going to be mind-blowing since all they had to do was single player mode..

but I can already see that will not be the case, just look at the bird flying part where you jump from bird to bird while stabbing it in the demo- OMG! I hated that, seemed silly and stupid.. just let the bird fly normal and let me control that..

It's choices like this that have me worried, because when you don't have the right person behind the game, cool and interesting things are just lost in the development stage and you end of with bad choices.. -these games need a gamer to be overlooking the whole thing.

I'll hope for the best, but I must admit I don't have high hopes that the game will be nothing more then what GOW 2 was, and that's not really a bad thing because part 2 was a pretty good game.

we shall see, I hope I'm wrong and I get blown away but I have learned not to believe the hype.. (so this is a fair discussion)

If you loved the games demo, then what is it about it that you love so much, that's what the comments to this article should be about, because we all have opinion's so lets just not be so quick to put down someone not liking it.

Darrius Cole3600d ago


If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The God of War series doesn't need to change the game play. Its already the best hack n' slash game on the market. If the graphics don't improve at all over the E3 2009 demo it doesn't matter, the game already looks better than all hack n-slash games, all 360 games and 99% of PS3 games.

The fact of the matter is God of War 3 is getting all of its hype from people expecting it to be pretty much just like God of War 1 & 2. They both got 9+ from Gamespot back when Gamespot didn't give 9's to every other game. It doesn't need any tweaking or improvements. As long as it is just like the other two games in the series it is a game of the year contender.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3600d ago

New year...same old CR*P on

So far this year on i have seen -


'Heavy Rain' being SLAGGED-OFF

and now -

'God of War 3' being SLAGGED-OFF???

What a SAD site this is for REAL gamers who just want to enjoy GAMES they like :-(

Bill Gates3600d ago

have fun with your halo: crotch...AHAAHAHAHA

General Jewels3600d ago

Average game Bayonetta has killed it already, and sent it back to the drawing boards.

Udidntlistenpunk3600d ago

The 360 is incredibly unimpressive.

Someone go beat the snot out of labwarrior.

What do xbots like him have to say now? Where is mart bot. Where is zhuk. Where are the other stinkin xbots that talked so much shiat all these years.

Their stinkin console is rotting. And the smell is disgusting. Why would anyone want to go near that piece of shiat?

It has no games.

heroprotagonist3600d ago

Why do you guys have to bring up and criticize the 360 even in PS3 articles? I don't think 360 fans want to come into these articles, but when you specifically call them out like that or attack the 360, then what do you expect?

Then you say things that are completely ridiculous like "God of War 2 looks better than many 360 games", which is absolute nonsense. GOW 2 looks like a PS2 game. A good PS2 game, but still a PS2 game.

Talk trash all you want, but the 360 is an awesome console and you are missing out on some amazing gaming experiences if you choose to avoid it.

Foliage3600d ago

Are you blind? 360 fanboys are always in the PS3 articles. They are also the ones who bring up these articles in the first place. You don't have to look any deeper than the approval system to see why the 360 is brought up in a 100% biased article about downing the PS3, written by a fanboy and approved by fanboys.

If you don't want the 360 to be brought up, get the 360 fanboys out of the PS3 section. Their envy is destroying an otherwise good website.

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rebirthofcaos3600d ago

and this article seems even more Unimpressive at Best

Megaton3600d ago

...and look who jumped to approve it first, so predictable. Get really tired of this crap sometimes.

Nitrowolf23600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I know he is expecting the final game to look like a demo that is about 5-7 month old. 5-7month allot could change
i rented bayonneta and i honestly have no idea wtf the media is talking about saying its a GOW game, i see it more as a DMC clone, nothing compare to GOW

Noctis Aftermath3600d ago

This is worse then me trash talking bayonetta based on the demo, mainly cause GoW3 is not out till march and they have already stated that they have made a bunch of changes/additions to the game...

Keith Olbermann3600d ago

this article is a joke. A bad one at that.

WildArmed3600d ago

ah this article is coming out of a recognized site like IGN, 1UP, Gametrailers.. so it must be true.

Oh wait.. it just from explicit gamer blog.
Great. Another blind fanboy's blog.

-Alpha3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

When an article is over-selling GoW 3 to "blast" UC2 out of the waters nobody criticizes the bad journalism, but when somebody criticizes GoW3 it's all "bad article, waste of time" blah, blah, blah double standard hypocrisy.

For the record I do think this article is simply a way to get attention. What better way to get views than speculate on a popular game's demo. Same goes for the crappy "GoW blasts UC2 out of the waters" article.

Yet, people had no problem accepting the article that praised GoW3 based on the demo, but when something negative is said everybody is sure to bring up the fact that we only have the demo version.

Take the good with the bad. If your okay with people hyping God of War based on the demo then don't bash the article for making a different opinion based on the same demo.

3600d ago
PimpHandHappy3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

when the guy who wrote the article is the same that is publishing it on N4G you need to know what its aim is

its not worth reading
just like the site it came from

just because they praise something YOU want to hear praise about does not mean they still dont suck! You just gave them extra hits looking for what else they wrote! N4G sucker

Sunny_D3600d ago

Lol, this is complete bullsh!t. The author says that the game drops to 5 to 10 fps during combos. That has never happened at all! The most action on screen was easily running smoothly. I don't know how old the demo that guy is playing is, but it sure isn't the one I'm playing.

Well, then again maybe they aren't complete BS, since they actually praised MAG while everyone else isn't.

40cal3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

GoW III will be a 2010 Game of the Year contender.

Bet on that.

rezenu3600d ago

...Gaming journalism at it's best. /s

Dragun6193600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

While I respect the writer's opinion, I disagree with him.
Playing God of War 3 demo and looking at those latest screens, Surely you jest, because I was impressed with it all the way.

Hell, go play the God of War Collection and beat Gow 1&2 then play the Gow 3 demo and tell me your not impressed. You have to be blind to not be at least impressed by the amazing graphic overhaul of the game.

And the writer only played the E3 demo from last year.
You want to see the differences between the Demo and a Screenshot from the latest build.

E3 2009 Demo

A screenshot from the latest build of the game

Plus I rather believe David Jaffe, N'Gai Croal, or even Hip Hop Gamer and how they were all amazed and impressed with God of War 3. So impressed it even made David Jaffe sweat.

BYE3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I prefer listening to N'Gai Croal, a reputed journalist's opinion, over some random blog on the internet.

ActionBastard3600d ago

Shouldn't this be on Bad Joystick?

camachoreloaded88063600d ago

defending God of War III here say the writer is some "nobody". Same fanboys fall for every negative article about FFXIII, many of which are also written by "nobodys". Talk about being blind and only paying attention to articles that only cater to what you want to believe.

Pistolero3600d ago

I agree with the article...I wasn't that impressed by the demo...I'm sorry.

GameGambits3600d ago

HHG needs to hire this clown. If God of War 3 is over rated/not to be hyped/not something to be excited for(especially after that E3 gameplay presentation), then I want to hear a 360 fanboy rationalize ANY halo title in comparison.

This game will make your mind melt. End of.

Information Minister3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

@ Alpha-male22:
There's a difference between constructive criticism and flat out flamebait. This story just reeks of fanboy hate. Nothing of what the author said can be considered factual (let alone news), and the text is punctuated by gross exaggerations or even outright lies. If you claim that a game is running at 5 fps, you damn better have a technical analysis to back it up, otherwise you're just pulling numbers out of your rear end.

@ Pistolero:
Have you been playing much GoW III on your 360?/s Judging from your previous comments, your opinion is even more biased than the author's. And that's saying something!

3600d ago
jut4203600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

The most exaggerated comment made in this whole crappy article was that the game's framerate can drop as low as 5-10 FPS. Does he know what 5-10 frames per second looks like? It's virtually unplayable and having played the demo multiple times all the way through, I can safely say the framerate never drops below 20-25 FPS. 5-10 FPS and your game is literally still/freeze flashing on screen with each movement it picks up.

Also, being a huge fan of the GOW franchise, I believe this game has truly brought GOW to the next-gen. I mean you feel more powerful when controlling Kratos than ever and the enemy character models look amazing compared to past iterations. Really makes them seem like they are new enemies never seen before with the amount of detail in the regular ground enemies. Controlling the cyclops is awesome with the amount of destruction you can cause. The flying enemies you can grab on to add another element to GOW's core gameplay. The gameplay just seems more intense than past GOW's. It might be the atmosphere, the sound, the graphics, or all three. I really like fighting the new enemies like the Lion/Snake Tail/Horned beast. It's awesome taking him down one section at a time. I mean if this guy has played past GOW's then I don't see how he doesn't like the demo put out for this game. Were fans expecting GOW to greatly innovate or were fans expecting the core gameplay and story from past games? I know I don't want GOW's formula to change, because get this, that's why I like the franchise. I just wanted it to be more bad-ass and more epic, which I felt the demo was. You mention that graphics and framerate will improve explicit gamer (on a 6 month old (I believe) demo) yet they are part of your main gripes. Just because you say you are a fan of GOW (twice in your first sentence), that doesn't mean we will take your word when it is clear you either haven't played past GOW's or never really liked the series to begin with. I, as well as anyone I've talked to who has played the demo were impressed (not so much with the graphics but I know they will end up looking better than U2) and have played the demo multiple times all the way through.

Sorry for the wall of text, just am a fan of GOW and don't really believe this guy should be saying the same for reasons listed above.

Bigpappy3600d ago

You guy always use these blogs and analyst when it suits your means, so I will just stay out of it. Carry on.

jwatt3600d ago

I think we hype up the game because we're pretty confident in what the end product will be. Early videos of Killzone 2 looked nothing like the final product and that's what i'm pretty much expecting to happen with GOW3.

SiteNblog Defender3600d ago

How shocking! PS3 fanboys acting immature and attacking the website and writer.

Hanif-8763600d ago

I stopped reading this fool blog when he said that the frame rate dropped below 10fps ( He's a Fuucking 360 fanboy)

-Alpha3600d ago

Oh trust me, I'm all for constructive feedback.

I do not disagree with people who find this article to be a poor excuse for an article, but these same people will turn a blind eye to "journalism" when somebody writes an equally absurd fanboy article hyping GoW to "blast UC2 out of the water".

My point isn't that this guy was being a fanboy/writing something constructive. My point was that people are attacking this for being a bad article when bad articles get approved all the time. The difference this time is that this bad article isn't pro-PS3/pro-GoW. It's the hypocrisy of the community that's the real problem.

Darkstorn3600d ago

Well, N4G is an opinion site. The article's author may not be thinking rationally, but he's entitles to his own opinion. I'm sure GoW III will be a great game, as long as it's not overhyped.

Information Minister3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

@ Alpha-male22- Yeah I didn't read that other article (probably because I could see right through the title), but I guess what you're saying is only fair. Point taken. ;)

@ 1.24- How shocking! Xbox fanboys acting like trolls and attacking PS3 owners on the PS3 section.

@1.27- I thought N4G was a news aggregation site.

kalebgray923600d ago

omg the scale in this game is unheard of

GrandTheftZamboni3600d ago

To the author:

If by "Unimpressive", you mean "Suck", and by "Seemingly", you mean "You", I agree.

JD_Shadow3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Are you serious?

Commander is on there defending that he has the right to his opinion. Which is fine. HOWEVER, where it's NOT fine is what he says about everyone ELSE'S opinion. He keeps calling them fanboys, as if to say he's the only one allowed to HAVE AN opinion. Guess you only have that right if you agree with HIM, right?

I haven't played the demo yet, and I want to, but from what I've heard, you really need to listen to those people that you call "fanboys". Perhaps they have a reason to get all excited, and maybe there's a reason for the hype.

Or maybe your site is trying to trash the game because of an agenda.

N4BmpS3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I don't really know if I would refer to him as a 360 fanboy, although that could be possible. He might be a GoW III hater, still bad; if anything that makes it a little worse. I was never really a fan of the GoW series but I never was able to play any of the games :( but his statement seemed to be predicated bias, meaning he wasn't expecting this to be impressive so he went in playing it with a closed mind and focused on the flaws, whereas focusing on it's great possibilities. He might as well be a journalist for MSNBC or FOX news, since a good amount of them are closed minded anyway. Oh and another thing if GoW III can turn me into a believer that it could be doing something great, then the developer's are doing something right.

ico923600d ago

With all the hype surrounding GOW3 is it possible for lame websites to start creating flamebait articles to rack up hits?

ABizzel13600d ago

What a complete dumb*. The only hype God pf War is receiving is the graphics, which if you've seen the new screen today then you would understand why. No one's hyping any other aspect of God of War, because we don't need to. It's proven the game will have great gameplay, an amazing and epic story, amazing sound, now that we've seen screens from a newer build amazing graphics, and since the game is going to be longer than any of the previous titles as stated by one of the developers then you can expect God of War 3 to be at least 10 hours long.

So tell again how can any be unimpressed with any of that. The only thing you can knock God of War 3 for is for not developing the combat system further over the series of games, which it's easy to counteract that point by simply saying the combat system is made for anyone to be able to pick up and play, but also offers a deep combo system for those who master it which is 100% true.

Now I don't know what demo you played, but I NEVER felt the frames drop to unplayable levels. During the time the demo was launched sites did test on the game and the demo ran smoothly hitting a low of 30 and maxing at 60 fps (which you could tell when the game transitioned from in-game cut scenes back to gameplay).

Uninteresting harpy riding.
It's so uninteresting that Dante's Inferno add beast riding, as well as Darksiders which is exactly like the harpy ride.

A horrible and annoying Helios head item (that feels like it should be packaged with a wii-mote.
This is probably the worst complaint I've ever heard.

And improved mini-boss battles are the extent of the innovation displayed in the demo.
Key word "DEMO".

Oh yea, and lets not forget the useless flaming bow and arrow.
And yet it's quite easy to kill the chimera with that useless flaming bow.

Finally we have the quick-time events. Oh man did they go overboard this time.
The only time you have a quick time event is to finish off a boss, so what do you mean they went overboard.

After all that complaining how could you possibly come up with the conclusion that God of War 3 will be a great game. You say you're a true fan, but if you were you'd slap yourself in the face for writing this useless article.

beardpapa3600d ago

looks like a website is in need for hits! Maybe you'll get better luck with God of War 3 for free as keywords on your google adwords account.

vhero3600d ago

Depends where your from I guess US it will sell 1 million + day 1. EU less than 1 million in 1 month. The games huge in US but like Uncharted sales don't deter the fact this is graphically one of the best looking games out there and no rival console game can match it graphically.

Guido3600d ago

Sounds to me like another upset Xbox 360 fanturd can't stand the fact that Sony's line of games completely decimates the 360's and instead of buckling down and buying a PS3 he decides to write a turd article about God of War III. Sorry, but I for one won't fall for such trash dribble.

SilentNegotiator3600d ago

"but I have a feeling players will ultimately feel like they are playing an updated version of God of War 2"

I'll bet he'd cry if I said the same about Halo 3.

"With the power of the ps3 (that fanboys rave about)"
Pitiful hater detected.

Anon19743600d ago

The guy admits he think's it'll be a great game. And? That's what everyone is expecting, a great game. His headline of "God of War III Seemingly Unimpressive at Best" and the one on the article about "God of War III failing to live up to the hype" runs contrary to his statement right at the end about "It'll be a great game."

So, you say it'll be a great game but it'll be unimpressive?

What a flamebait, POS article.

bacon133600d ago

Of course it will live up to the hype. I thoroughly enjoyed GoW 1 & 2, plus I had a huge s*** eating grin on my face the entire time I played the new demo. Yes, it's more of the same with some new gameplay mechanics but imho, why fix what is so perfectly executed.

syanara3600d ago

u were expecting something else? really? lol don't forget your on N4G dude u say something bad about a highly anticipated upcoming game your gonna hear bad comments and vise versa u hear something good ur gonna hear supportive comments no matter how much flamebait it is.

Dandiego3600d ago

Everytime people talk to me about something I always end up deceived. In movies: Slumdog Millionaire... everybody said it was great ended up thinking it was alright but way overhyped. In games just this year Killzone 2 and MW2 were deceptions for me good but deceiving. I think if you don't overhype games you end up pleasantly suprised. So please shut up about GOW 3 and I'm sure I'll be very impressed. If you keep saying its the 2nd coming of Christ its bound to be a bit under that... Thats the problem with fanboys of all system they hype their games WAYYYY too much and I end up expecting too much. This goes mostly for Xbox 360 and PS3... Wii no one overhypes and my biggest suprise this year is New Super Mario bros... Great game since I hadnt heard about it before launch.

Naucious3600d ago

Whats wrong with giving ur support torwards a game ur a fan of and feel that it deserves it?. We hyped MGS4, KZ2, UC2, and now GOW3. It's been almost 5 1/2 years since we have been able to cause chaos in the series and now this game is soon to be released, I dont blame the fans to be overly excited and thrilled to talk about a game they love, I for one is one of them. I feel if ur a true fan than show it, thats what most people do anyway right?? when it comes to sports celebrities or etc.. people tend to show their support by expressing it and this is what many people do on these forums on a daily basis.

I put it like this the ones that dont feel the same way about GOW3 obviously are not true fans of the series. These are people that like the game but they are not fans and theirs nothing against it to each is their own as many people say, so all these die hard fans stop bashing the ones that feel different towards a game you love and to the ones that are opposite stop trashing the die hard fans for expressing their love towards a game. If u really think about it ur opininion wont change the other person mind so why argue? lol and neither will mines lol

Bottom line i'm a die hard fan, If the author says to him theirs no innovation so be it, I'm not looking for any drastic changes to begin with, I liked GOW because it maintained the formula of pure epic badass mayhem and gave me the thrill of a character who can only cause chaos and turn this whole greek mythology upside down and inside out. Never have I seen a characters rage better than Kratos and i want this third installment to go out with a Bang!!! HO RAH!

likedamaster3600d ago

...took the words right out of my mouth. Completely agree.

bnaked3600d ago

lol, the next trailer will own you so hard, you really can't imagine!

Anon19743600d ago

Especially the part where the author says "I think God of War 3 will be a great game."

The rest of the article is drivel but I did agree with that statement. I assume that was the part of the article where the author "took the words right out of your mouth" that you were referring to.

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gdguide3600d ago

LOL. Yeaaaaaaaahhhhh.... Suuuuuuuuure.

MVGeneral3600d ago

Lack of innovation?
So Halo 3, gears of war 2, mass effect 2, left 4 dead 2, forza 3, all innovated drastically from there previous games. No.

This article is clearly written by a 360 fanboy. IGN a really credible site said that God of war 3 has the best graphics yet, and that's only the demo they are talking about. Gamespot also praised the graphics, so please don't try and make up some lie.

Frame rate issues?
its a demo, i didnt experience any frame rate issues though. but Didn't you read the official release details, it will be locked @ 60 frames.

Power of the ps3?
Again the release details stated that alot of enemies would appear on screen at the same time, while riding on a huge titan with moving backgrounds and shifting environments. so can the 360 handle that? lol.

Ur arguments are invalid because its based on a demo, and your lack of knowledge about the game is saddening. You should never write anything again.

headwing453600d ago

Why is it that when a company in general shows something really cool about there game (recent pics) there's always some stupid article writing on how bad the game is going to be. It's so lame and unprofessional. just stop!

terrorofdeath3600d ago

If this writer wants to complain about God of War 3 or any other game for that matter, then don't buy it! He will be the one missing out.

nogolis3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I don't wanna agree but the demo I have and played again just today doesn't impress me. The graphics are, at times, below par or average at best. The gameplay is the same thing we've seen since 2004 and before. I'm not seeing anything truly revolutionary here and I know a lot of people say things have changed. They've done this and that to it. The graphics weren't complete and blah and la and la de da, but the fact remains... My impressions are from the demo, not of what "could or might be" but what is right now. The demo is all the majority has to go off of and that's that.

And by that merit and token, GOD 3 = average.

Nitrowolf23600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

to see how much the game improved in 6 days?
That demo is so old, its the E3 build and who knows how old that was before E3. You know GOW always had the same gameplay its like they say "If it ain't broken then don't fix it"
GOW is loved mostly for its story and all the blood and gore it has. There are some things in this game that previouse GOW games never had, which will get allot of people really excited about.
I know its your opinion, just like i have my own opinion on the game also but we should all just wait until the embargo lifts

nogolis3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Please don't stay out of the legal field of expertise... You make such compelling arguments. Is that it? "Your Dumb" spelt wrong no less... Gee, I'm speechless but at least I have a thought out explanation of why I feel the way I do.


Blood and Gore now constitutes a winning must own game, huh? Please. Your arguments are just as weak as the last guys. I said my opinions were based of the demo, something I have experience with. Not the promise of what can be or will be or might be. If it's changed, I'll no doubt make mention of it. I don't have to be one of the guys who sit there and say "Man, I told you I was right. GOW 3 is the best game ever!!!"

I'm ok with admitting I was wrong... If I am wrong. I'll be fine to wait and see how its shaped up.

truegame3600d ago


Man you are so fake. You try and come of as non bias, but your true colors always show. Be A gamer and not a faker.

You act like you just played the demo for the first time today. I have more respect for a SONY, MS or NIN fanboy's than you, at least I know there viewpoint and I respect it even if I don't agree with what they say. I hate FAKE people like you!.

3600d ago
Jamie Foxx3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

just like the article his basing opinion off a 7-8 month old demo which would have had a year more spit and polish before release....the geniuses

i feel alot of people are going to look and feel very stupid on jan 18th

Sunny_D3600d ago

Yeah, every single one of Nogolis's posts is filled with Negativity. I don't think there is one comment that was positive. Are you that negative guy from the forums? Because, you sure like that cheese with your whine.

TotalPS3Fanboy3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

"And by that merit and token, GOD 3 = average."

No. Not really. You just think GoW3 6 months old demo = average. Which doesn't change the fact that GoW3 retail will = Another Triple AAA title.

Pistolero3600d ago

Don't worry nogolis...I agree with you...I played the demo and it left me unimpressed. I know I lean towards the 360...but I was a fan of the first two God of War games and GOW3 is one of the reasons I got my ps3...but I felt the demo was too much of a rehash of the first two games and the graphics look pretty good in parts and pretty average in other parts...overall I just kept thinking 'God of War 2 with a fresh coat of paint'. Anyway..I know people say it is just a demo...but people always say stuff like that and I have never in all of my years of gaming seen a demo come out and then have the final game be significantly will definitely get tuned up but I don't really buy the idea that it will be a complete graphical overhaul.

Megaton3600d ago

Dude... it's Silogon spelled backwards. If any of you were here while Silogon was crapping all over the place, you'd know he's not worth responding to. Just laugh and move on. Eventually he'll crawl back into his hole for a few months before making another account.