GameFocus: Army of Two: The 40th Day Review

GameFocus writes: "2008 was a great year for Electronic Arts. Three new original intellectual properties and all tasted success. There was Mirror's Edge, Dead Space and of course, Army of Two. While making a game about private military companies did spark controversy, no one expected a game featuring two mercenaries bros to do as well as it did, not even Electronic Arts."

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Dellis3591d ago

I was soo into THE FIRST GAME, the story, hell the trailer sold me

it felt real, it feature 911!!! and Alqeda and the War on Terror

damn I loved it....

But I am not hyped at all about THE SEQUEL, the story is so GAMEY and

unrealistic that it doesn't grab me, it doesn't interest me at all.

I played the Demo and the gameplay is the same but the story is


SpikeSpiegel3591d ago

I loved the first and I cant wait to play the sequel!