G4TV: Hands-On With Microsoft's Game Room -- Classic Games Emulated On Your Xbox 360 Or PC

G4TV writes: "Announced at CES 2010, Microsoft will be bringing classic game emulation to the Xbox 360 and Windows PCs in Game Room. The service, which will be released this Spring, will initially have around 30 games available to purchase or play. At this point, Microsoft hopes to release 7 games a week with the final goal being over 1000 games available. The Game Room is an actual 3D space for your avatar that can be customized and decorated. Your friends can even visit your personal arcade. If you don't care for the virtual space, the entire experience can be navigated by menus."

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nogolis3600d ago

Sony would be wise to follow in this step. Game room is all about gaming and nothing but. It's as hardcore as you can possibly ask for... Hell, it's nothing but hardcore arcade games. What's Home? A virtual chat room with game themes in which you sit around playing stiff mini games with your thumb up your @$$.

Sony had/has a viable spot to make something work with Home and that's the bowling alley and yet the refuse to add good games to it. They refuse to add anything but more themed rooms based after games to Home. Why do I want to sit in an Infamous room and talk to someone? That's stupid... I'd rather play Infamous and talk to someone on the phone if I had to. It's dumb. Home is stupid. Anyone who disagrees is a moron who's more into social networking than gaming, simple and clean. And I'm not saying there is anything wrong with social networking, either. I use networking for my band and my other work on a daily basis... I'm talking about when you mix it with gaming you have to have a very distinct line of where it ends and where it begins.

Microsoft knows what consumers want... GAMES! Sony thinks we all want to sit in rooms themed after a hit game and talk. Play an absurd mini game once or twice and be done with it. That's moronic.

WildArmed3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

man honestly... you gotta stop crying..
Home is in no way related to Game Room (which is pretty awesome imo, but I will never use).
You dont always have to have Sony and Microsoft in the same post.
It's ok to praise Microsoft w/o ragging on the other.

Most of these games you can get for free on PC w/o any hassle. Heck there are flash version for most of the games. So i'd never pay for this.

oh, just in case you think I'm a Home fan.. im not.
I think it's useless.. just like this 'Game room' for the most part

-Alpha3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Sony has no reason to follow suit. What MS is essentially offering is a "glorified XBLA" which means you still pay for the games. It's very accessible, I will agree with that. Much more accessible than Home, but it's absolutely ridiculous for MS to charge PC gamers with this garbage considering you can play arcade games on your PC for FREE.

Also, Home is great. I'm not one to defend Sony too much on this site mainly because there are so many Pro-PS3 fans which forces me to be a little more mindful with how MS is portrayed around here, but you my friend are different ;)

Home is a virtual chatroom, you are right. Is that such a bad thing? It's mini games are much more bigger and deeper than the classic arcade games that Game Room offers with simplified mechanics and a fee.

"Home is dumb. Anyone who disagrees is a moron who's more into social networking than gaming, simple and clean."

I used to think you were a respectable person but that's illogical reasoning and makes you come off as totally willfully ignorant. You just admitted that you don't care about other people's opinions so why should someone take yours seriously?

I use Home, and though there is a lot of social networking, most of it comes FROM the games! Sure you can run into a group of people talking about something random, but I usually talk to people in Home around the Poker table or as I play the numerous other games. So your generalization that anyone who disagrees with you is a moron is wrong-- I can use Home to play games and enjoy the benefits of socializing.

"Microsoft knows what consumers want... GAMES! Sony thinks we all want to sit in rooms themed after a hit game and talk. Play an absurd mini game once or twice and be done with it. That's moronic."

Again, Game Room is a much more concentrated service and it's great that MS focuses on games. But Home does that bigger and better and offers more if you are willing to dive into it.

As for casual gamers, I don't care for a simplified means to access a service like game room when I have something much better that I can dive into for free.

I really have never taken a defensive stance on the PS3 too much around here, but really now, I think that you are seriously discrediting Home unfairly.

ThanatosDMC3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

He doesnt have a PS3 or he would know Home has game spaces dedicated for games only and you dont have to pay for them because it's free. Best example is the bowling alley with those arcades and pool tables. Ignorance is bliss to justify a knock off or pieces of glorified $hit.

Wonder why he hates Home too much... must have been chasing those "girls" who suddenly turn butt fugly.

AAACE53600d ago

I don't think MS should really try to make a clone of HOME, but I liked the bowling alley, pool table and chess set from HOME, and would hope they would find some way to get stuff like that in there. That Sodium 1 area was kinda cool as well, but it's not as important as those to me.

Guido3600d ago

The Game Room is where I can buy arcade games to play by myself and if I want a friend to play with me he has to buy the game himself on his own console....? And this is hardcore? More like moronic. Sorry, but they should make it so when I buy it, everybody on my FL can play it for an unlimited time while in my game room. You can emulate any one of these old titles on your PC and pay nothing. Sorry MS, but this money grab is just that, a pathetic attempt to rip off your customers yet again. This will look great right next to that $100 WiFi adapter eh? lol

bjornbear3600d ago

PS1 classics - very hardcore for starters.

secondly...ok, good 360 fans can play "hardcore" (i hate that word in this context -_-) arcade games. that's nice, and it would be cool to be able to too in future on the PS3, but the PS3 doesn't need this.

the PS3 is THE ultimate hardcore system (many will disagree) but with games like

KZ2, Demon Souls, Blazblue, Wipeout HD and up and coming GT5, the PS3 has got the most challenging and "hardcore" games out there.

so, whatever you're trying to sell with that PR crap, stop because it just doesn't make sense =/

Yes arcade games are fun, and this is awesome, and i'd love something like it on PS3,

No it isn't essential in order for the gamer to have a "hardcore" experience, and to think so makes you not so hardcore ;)

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Godmars2903600d ago

You're either buying a game which you can then "decorate" in your own arcade space, or you're just playing them one at a time for fifty cents a pop. Playing a virtual 20 year old game at twice the price you use to pay to play them in an actual arcade.

400/240 XBL points makes sense, 40 points for a single play doesn't.

nogolis3600d ago

Forget the price for a moment... Forget all that. Look at what it is offering. It's offering GAMING! That's what is important here... reguardless of the price you have to pay. It's too much money, ok. I get that but take the idea, make it more economical and the let the consumer realize it for themselves.

I'm the most unbias poster here and always have been. This is a brilliant idea, if not a little off priced. Home pales in comparison to this idea, reguardless of it being free or not. Hell, I can net a ton of emulators and roms for free but do you see me doing it? No. Sometimes free isn't worth your time.

Godmars2903600d ago

The only real problem I have is with the 40 points which I guess is 50 cents. That most of the Atari library when it was in physical cabinets and real arcades is that it cost a quarter to play them. If MS is partially they'll charge that if not less for a single play. If they're really smart they'll give a limited amount of free "tokens" to Gold subscribers on a monthly basis. To keep their interest up as well as adding some value to subscriptions.

And yes, lets forget that the games in Home are not only free, but original attempts to add content. I'm certain everyone's forgotten about Namco game service which is available in and out of home. Cost $5 but came with 5 classic and one revamped title.

That's what MS is copying. Not Home.

WildArmed3600d ago

wow. you make me choke on my glass of water.
'I'm the most unbias poster here and always have been.'

lol man give us a warning when you make jokes like that.

beavis4play3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

quote -"Forget the price for a moment... Forget all that. Look at what it is offering. It's offering GAMING! That's what is important here... reguardless of the price you have to pay" - end quote.

that was an idiotic thing to say.

bjornbear3600d ago

"Forget the price for a moment... Forget all that. Look at what it is offering. It's offering GAMING! That's what is important here... reguardless of the price you have to pay. " - nogolis

xD!!!! LMAO

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rbluetank3600d ago

all forms of gaming is a part of social networking that=gaming. you play a game and you tell your experience to your friends or ect... the people in the infamous room are social networking about their time with the game and their life. i do not think that they are morons/stupid for spending time in Home. i can promise you that most of the people in the gameroom will be social networking more then playing 10 to 20 plus year old games for $0.50 a spin. lol Home is what you make it...

Microsoft knows what consumers want... lol mS0ft knows how navies consumers are. the xbox360 is a prime example of softness by consumers. people are willing to go through 4 to 6 brand new xbox360 ect and you call the people in Home/Sony morons....

i just dropped my gold membership with Msoft last friday. my third and last xbox360 has a mind of it own. real talk. my 360 turns on by itself and the stray opens / close repeated by itself. i know this sounds BS but it is true... i will be showing you guys a videos very soon.... i told Msoft about this Ripper 360 i had last friday. they refused to fix it for free. i argue with them to fix my last two consoles successful for free. when you have been a consumer for over five years straight. you have some "rights". i am not paying $120 for repairs just to get somebody used Ripper as a replacement 360. this video is not fake and it will show that the 360 is a scrapper console....


Sounds like a brilliant idea! Price it right, and I think it'll be perfect.

WildArmed3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I do wonder if they feature a all you can eat buffet deal lol

I might be interested then, otherwise I'm not much interested in pay for what you order.


completely agree. It's all about how they go about charging you. If it's bundled in with your Live sub fee that would be CRAZY! It's not like MS to do that though. That would add WAY too much value to Live memberships.

WildArmed3600d ago

I know that they already said you play the games that you either BUY or pay 50 cents per pop of a game.

So it's not bundled with Live. (i wouldn't be surprised if you needed Gold to use the Game Room online)
But it'd be cool if they let you buy a pass for X amount of money that will let you play unlimited amout of games for x amount of hours.

Trebius3600d ago

20 year old games for ridiculous prices. What else can you expect from microsoft :)

And now this is where the Xbots say "This is a great idea! Omgz! I'm gonna throw all my money at it cuz it's worth it!"

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